Liberty Pumps SumpJet Water Powered Sump Pump SJ10

Liberty Pumps SumpJet  Water Powered Sump Pump  SJ10 (CC)
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Liberty Pumps SumpJet  Water Powered Sump Pump  SJ10 (CC)

The Liberty Pumps SumpJet model SJ10 sump pump is an automatic water powered emergency backup sump pump system (do not use in hot water). It uses no electricity and works with the city water pressure. Is the ideal economical standby to any brand of electrical sump pump. Designed for residential use in clear water only, is not designed to remove waste water, sewage, effluent, or water with debris in it.

Applications: It is the ideal economical standby to any brand of electrical sump pump. It is designed for residential use in clear water only. It is not designed to remove waste water, sewage, effluent, or water with debris in it. Construction: Fully factory assembled, compact design, durable PVC construction with removable foot valve, built-in screen and adjustable stainless mounting clamp. Minimum Recommended Pit Diameter: 18" (The pit must have adequate size to accommodate the main sump pump plus the SumpJet without float interference) Inlet: 3/4" FNPT Inlet Hose Requirement: High quality washing machine hose or other heavy duty hose. (Not included) Outlet: 1-1/2 slip PVC Discharge Head: 15 feet maximum Water Usage: It does not use any water except during an emergency. In case of a power failure or other system malfunction, the SumpJet takes over Minimum Water Pressure (with valve open): 30 PSI (using less pressure may not eject water from your basement) Maximum Water Pressure (with valve open): 80 PSI Maximum Water Pressure (with valve closed): 90 PSI Maximum Fluid Temperature: 130 degrees Fahrenheit Back Flow Prevention: Built-in Efficiency:The pumping capacity increases with household water pressure and flow. At an 5 foot static head and a supply pressure of 40 PSI (with water flowing) it takes 1 gallon of supply water to remove two gallons from the sump. As the supply pressure increases with the static head constant, less supply water is required. Major Height: 21.6" Major Weight: 5.1" Weight: 3.5 lbs Note:The SumpJet unit is not intended to serve as a primary water removal unit or to increase the capacity of an undersized primary unit. Its purpose is to be used as a back-up to an electric sump pump due to power or pump failure.

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Water Pumped In Gallons Per Hour at Various Heads
Disc. Pressure
Static Head in 1-1/2" or
Larger PVC Schedule 40 Pipe
4' 8' 12' 15'
30 765 540 330 0
40 924 750 558 432
50 1032 870 720 600
60 1185 1020 912 810

Pump capacity varies by inlet water pressure, working water pressure, discharge elevation, number of pipe fittings, inlet and outlet hose size, fluid viscosity, water clarity, water temperature, and cleanliness of the inlet screen.
NOTE: Some districts may require a reduced pressure principal backflow preventer per ASSE Standard 1013. Check with your local codes.


Questions & Answers

Do I need to call a plumber to install a SumpJet?
A qualified and competent plumber should install this equipment.
How do water powered sump pumps work?
A water powered sump pump functions by taking the existing water from the city or town supply and forcing it through an ejector. The Venturi Effect happens when city water under pressure is converted into a high-velocity jet at the throat of an ejector nozzle (a nozzle is made by pinching a tube in the middle, making a carefully balanced hourglass-shape) which creates a low pressure at that point. The low pressure creates a vacuum that draws sump water into the nozzle where it mixes with the city water and together are discharged to drain.
How efficient are water powered sump pumps?
These water powered sump pumps are so efficient in operation that every 1 Gallon of city water used will actually remove 2 Gallons of sump water from your basement sump pit!
Do water powered sump pumps use batteries?
A water powered sump pump requires no battery, no electrical power, and has no moving parts. As long as you still get water from your municipality, the water powered sump pump will be able to pump water out of your home.
What is the major drawback of water powered sump pumps?
One major drawback to the water powered sump pump is that it costs considerably more money to run over a specific time period than an electric sump pump, since it is less efficient considering the cost of water. However, most water powered sump pumps are configured to turn on automatically, only in the event of a primary sump pump failure.
Can the Liberty SumpJet pump hot water?
Do not use the Liberty SumpJet with hot water.. The SumpJet is designed for use in clear water only. It is not designed to remove waste water, sewage, effluent, or water with debris in it.
What is a RPZ device?
The "RPZ" (Reduced Pressure Zone) device, as it is commonly referred to, is a backflow prevention device which is used to prevent "backflow" of foreign liquids and other matter into the potable supply of water which could result in contamination. For example, if a fire department were to draw too much water while fighting a fire, it would reduce the pressure in the area's water main below that which exists in, say an industrial building, thus back-siphoning chemical mixtures from the building into the water main. This could contaminate that area's water. While uncommon, pressure differentials can happen and protective devices must be used as required by law to protect the water supply.
How does a RPZ device or Back Flow Preventer works?
The RPZ device or Back Flow Preventer stays open when water is flowing in one direction only. If a change of direction occurs, as it would during a major reduction in pressure, the RPZ device would close and prevent a contamination backflow.
What is the minimum recommended operating pressure for the SumpJet?
For optimal performance minimum recommended operating pressure is 30 psi. Use of an RPZ may lower operating pressure.
Will prolonged use of the SumpJet increase water consumption?
Just as the prolonged use of an electrical sump pump increases the use of electricity, prolonged use of the SumpJet will result in increased municipal water consumption.
Does the SumpJet installation requires an RPZ or back flow preventor?
Yes..for nominal backflow protection SumpJet is pre-equipped with an internal check valve certified to ASME A112.18.3-2002 and ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1.2005. Additional backflow protection must be provided by the installer to meet the requirements of the local plumbing code or the requirements of the local water authority. As per the Uniform Plumbing Code and per the Plumbing Codes of some states, installation of this product requires the use of an RPZ backflow protection device. Contact your local plumbing or water authority for more information regarding the requirements for your specific area.
Can I connect the SumpJet using water hoses?
Do not use a garden hose. A garden hose is not designed to hold municipal pressure indefinitely. It could leak or burst and cause flooding. The SumpJet requires permanent piping methods such as copper, PEX, or CPVC, or any other permanent plumbing method, be used for installation. To achieve maximum performance from the SumpJet it is recommended that the unit is plumbed with 3/4" pipe.
Do I need to install a check valve on the discharge side?
The SumpJet comes complete with a foot valve. There is no need to install a check valve on the discharge pipe.
Do I need an air gap when installing the SumpJet?
If the discharge is emptying to a municipal drain then SumpJet must be used in conjunction with an "air gap". The "air gap" must be at least 1".
How do I winterize the SumpJet?
The foot valve has a removable poppet. Where freezing discharge pipes are a problem, simply unscrew the strainer screen, remove the poppet and spring, and replace the strainer. The SumpJet will now allow water to flow back into the pit, eliminating discharge pipe freezing.
Can I dismantle the SumpJet?
Liberty Pumps, Inc. assumes no responsibility for damage or injury due to disassembly in the field. Disassembly, other than at Liberty Pumps or its authorized service centers, automatically voids warranty.
What is the warranty period for the SumpJet?
Liberty Pumps, Inc. warrants that pumps of its manufacture are free from all factory defects in material and workmanship for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. The date of purchase shall be determined by a dated sales receipt noting the model and serial number of the pump.
What is the inlet size of a SumpJet?
The inlet of the SumpJet is factory equipped with a Cash-Acme, SharkBite push-type fitting. This fitting can be used with various approved 3/4-inch potable water tubing and pipe, such as PEX tubing, copper pipe , or Copper Tube Size (CTS) CPVC pipe.
Who do I contact for warranty issues?
Contact us, King Pumps, by e-mail at reference the kingpumps order number and give a brief description of the problem. We will handle all warranty issues as per the manufacturer’s warranty.

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