Franklin Electric 1 PH QD PumpTec Control # 5800070600

Franklin Electric  1 PH QD PumpTec . Control # 5800070600 (CC)<br>
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For Franklin QD Control Boxes Exclusively designed for Franklin QD Relay Control Boxes, QD Pumptec is a solid state sensing device that monitors motor load and incoming power to automatically shut off a Franklin single-phase, 3-wire motor when related fault conditions are detected. QD Pumptec protects the life of your 4-inch pump and reduces the odds that you will ever have to see the motor again.

  • QD Pumptec allows the user to choose the standard factory calibration for underload or to calibrate to a particular system. Control knobs make it easy to adjust sensitivity and timeout sessions.
  • QD Pumptec easily plugs into 3-wire QD Relay Control Boxes in minutes, without additional wiring or tools.


    • Application: Protects Franklin Electric 3 wire single phase submersible pump motors agaist: Low voltage, Drop in water level, Low yielding well, air or gas locked pump, clogged well screen, broken shaft or coupling and worn pump parts
    • Operation: When the water level drops too far, the motor will start to run faster, due to less load on the pump. When the pump motor changes speed, it affects the amp load on the motor leads. Pumptec will interrupt power to the motor whenever load drops below a preset level. After a preset time, Pumptec will restart the motor. Pumptec can be set to stay off from 3 minutes up to 90 minutes, when tripped, or can be set for manual reset. This allows your water well to recover to a safe operating level before restarting the pump motor. When Pumptec detects that the motor load has dropped below a preset level for over 4 seconds, Pumptec will interrupt power to the motor and display the tripped condition light. To reset the Pumptec manually, turn off the power supply for 5 seconds, then turn it back on.
    • HP Rating: 1/3 - 1.5 Hp
    • Voltage: 230V at 60 Hz
    • Trip Point: Factory set
    • Reset time: Adjustable from 2 to 90 minutes or manual reset
    • HP Rating: Franklin 4" single-phase 3-wire induction-run submersible motors up to 1 HP
    • Reset: Adjustable from 3 to 90 minutes or manual reset
      Certifications: UL/cUL Listed
    • Note: Pumptec is not designed to be used on permanent split capacitor motors or on jet pumps. Do not use Pumptec with a pump system using a Dole flow control valve. Pumptec is also not recommended for low yielding wells where the water cascades down onto the pump.

  • FRA-CTL-QD-PumpTec-Bulletin.pdf

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