Instructions for Underground Installation of Wellmate Tanks

Proper installation of Wel1Mate pressure tanks will assure trouble free performance. Depth of the totaljn3laJJ.aJjD» must be below the extreme frost line for your area. The water table must be two feet below the bottom of the tank when installed. The following instructions must be followed completely to comply with the warranty requirements:

  • The tank may be installed vertically or at an angle not less than 30 degrees above horizontal with air fitting up. Allow a minimum of 6" space all around the tank during installation for backfilling with rock and gravel free sand Note: Prior to plumbing pour at least 6" of gravel free sand in hole.
  • Optional) Remove the cap from the tank valve stem and install the *Surface Air Check Kit. Soap test all connections before backfilling.
  • Check the pre-charge pressure of the tank. The pre-charge pressure should be 4 psig below the cut in pressure of the pump switch.
  • Note: A minimum pre-charge of 18 psig must be maintained.
  • Position the tank on the bed of sand in the bottom of the hole.
  • Pressure test the system and check for leaks. Cycle the system and test for proper function a minimum of 3 cycles prior to backfilling.
  • WARNING: Backfilling must be done properly. Pour the gravel-free sand around the tank and tamp firmly while pouring. This will assure proper support for the tank and pipe fittings. Use caution so as to not bend and crimp the air check line.
  • After covering the tank and pipe fittings with a minimum of 6" sand, continue backfilling with dirt until hole is filled.
  • Surface Air Check Kit is purchased separately.

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