Magnetic Drive Pump 8.5 GPM 1/25 HP 115 Volts # 2-MD-SC, 580503 (E)

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Magnetic Drive Pump 8.5 GPM 1/25 HP 115 Volts  # 2-MD-SC (580503) (E)<br>
Item# LGI-PMP-2-MD-SC (580503)
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Little Giant magnetic drive centrifugal pump 8.5 GPM 1/25 HP 115V # 2-MD-SC (580503)for mild chemicals at moderate temperatures and pressures. Pumps handle mild acids, mild alkalis, and salt water. Used to "boil out" of flush coils in many applications such as water heaters, steam converters, shell & tube heat exchangers, air conditioning coil and outboard motor flushing. (Must use cleaning compounds compatible with the pumps materials of construction.) Suitability for the application should be determined by actual use and is the full responsibility of the customer. No warranty, expressed or implied, can be extended by the equipment manufacturer where failure is caused by chemical attack on pump materials. Temperature, aeration, concentration, and other factors may change the effect of the specific fluid on the pump materials. Data shown is based on the results at ambient temperatures, unless otherwise noted.


Intake: 1/2" FNPT Outlet: 1/2" MNPT Motor: 1/25 hp, 2900 rpm, 115/1/60, 109 Watts, 1.43 Amps, Open Fan Cooled, UL Listed with 6' power ocord and plug. Construction: Glass-filled polypropylene volute, impeller assembly and magnet housing. Buna-N (nitrile) O-ring, Ceramic thrust washer and shaft Liquid Design Parameters: Specific gravity up to 1.1. Ambient temperature up to 77 degrees F. Fluid temperature up to 150 degrees F. Dimensions: 8.9" Long X 3.94" Wide X 4.94" High Weight: 6.5 lbs Note: Gravity feed design requires the pump inlet to be lower than liquid level. Mount pumps in the horizontal position.

Pump Capacity Table
Model HP Head In Feet
1' 3' 6' 9' Shut-off
Gallons Per Minute (GPM)
2-MD-SC (580503) 1/25 8.5 7.5 6.5 5.5 14.6'


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