Electrical Controls

Electrical Controls

Electrical controls include aquastats / temperature controls, wastewater duplex control panels, induction relays, liquid level float switches, mounting brackets & alarms, ground fault interrupter, pressure switches, timers, submersible well pump control box, vacuum switch / pump protector

Aquastats / Hot Water Temperature Controls

Aquastats or hot water controls for limiting or regulating temperature of liquids. Used on hot water heating installations. May be used as a high limit, low limit circulator control or combination low limit- circulator applications. Avialable for strap-on, inmersion or clip-on mounting.

 Duplex  Control Panels

Duplex Waterproof Control Panels For Wastewater Pumps. Duplex waterproof control panels with hand-off-auto switches, running lights, (H-O-A) elapse time meters for each pump plus a visual flashing high water alarm, and a pulsating high water alarm horn with silence button in a Nema 4X water-proof fiberglass enclosure for a variety of sump, effluent, sewage and water transfer applications.

Simplex  1 Ph Control Panel <br>

Simplex waterproof control panel # BF120S-S740 with hand-off-auto switch, running light, (H-O-A) elapse time meter for pump plus a visual flashing high water alarm, and a pulsating high water alarm horn with silence button in a Nema 4X water-proof fiberglass enclosure for a variety of sump, effluent, sewage and water transfer applications.

 Monodrive Variable Speed Controller

Franklin Monodrive variable speed constant pressure controllers are designed to provide constant pressure for single-phase, three-wire submersible water well pump systems. You can have constant pressure just by replacing the three-wire control box in a conventional system.

Franklin Control Boxes

Franklin Electric single-phase control boxes for 1/2 to 5 horsepower submersible motors; Type 3R enclosure suitable for outdoor mounting, not gasketed, two holes for wall mounting at back of box; knockouts in the bottom and sides; UL recognized and CSA certified

PumpTec Controls

PumpTec Automatic Protection Control For Franklin Submersible Motors, Single-phase, solid state, load monitoring devices designed specifically for Franklin submersible motors to protect from running dry. They protects the life of 4" submersible pump and reduces the odds of ever having to see the motor again

Level Alarms

Alarm systems are to be used whenever liquid levels need to be monitored. In the event of pump malfunction, power loss or circuit failure, a system of lights and audible alarms can alert the resident or service personnel of the problem.

Level Switches

Floatless induction type level switches, diaphragm "piggy back" switches, narrow & wide angle control rated & pump rated float switches

Myers Pentair Submersible Well Pump Control Boxes <br>

Myers Pentair submersible pump control panel... for residential, commercial, multiple housing and farm uses, where a submersible 3-wire motor is used

Pressure Switches

The pressure switch starts and stops the pump motor automatically at a predetermined pressure. A tube connects the switch to some point in the system on the discharge side of the pump. The pressure in the system then acts directly on a diaphragm in the switch, which in turn actuates the contacts in the switch.

Rule-A-Matic  Switches

Rule-A-Matic 12-24-32-VDC switches are by far the most popular choice among professionals worldwide, and the Rule-A-Matic is the best selling float switch in the world.

Sprinkler Pump Timers <br>

Intermatic 24 Hour Electric Sprinkler Timer. Rainproof enclosure with provision for rain sensor. Built-in pump start relay. On-off switch allows for shutdown during rainy days. 14 day skipper wheel permits watering to be omitted on selective days.

Vacuum Switch  (C) <br>

This vacuum switch is intended to automatically shut off the pump electric motor when liquid is depleted or when the vacuum suction drops to a certain level.

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