Building Trade Market Pumps

Building Trade Market Pumps

Energy efficient pumps, boosters, circulators, controls, and other products and systems for potable water, hot water circulation, air conditioning, and wastewater applications in residential and commercial buildings.

Centrifugal Pumps

Heavy duty end suction, close coupled centrifugal pumps by Burks Pumps, Oberdorfer Pumps, Pedrollo Pumps and MP Pumps. Centrifugal pumps are used for recirculating water in cooling towers, domestic water boosting, hot water circulating, irrigation, pools, marine air conditioning & refrigeration & general liquid transfer

Condensate Pumps

Condensate pumps usually run intermittently and have a tank in which condensate can accumulate. Eventually, the accumulating liquid raises a float switch energizing the pump. The pump then runs until the level of liquid in the tank is lowered. Some pumps contain two switches.. As liquid rises to the trigger point of the first switch, the pump is activated. If the liquid continues to rise (perhaps because the pump has failed or its discharge is blocked), the auxiliary safety switch shuts down the HVAC equipment, preventing the production of further condensate, triggers an alarm, or both.All units, except the 1-ABS, have tanks that range from 0.3 to 1 gallon and are usually supported using the flanges on their tanks or simply placed upon the floor. The 1-ABS pump has no tank at all and is simply placed within a container such as the drip pan of a dehumidifier appliance.

Effluent Pumps

Little Giant, Pedrollo and Zoeller submersible effluent sump pumps powered for continuous operation in effluent and dosing systems, low pressure pipe systems, basement draining and heavy duty sump dewatering applications.

Gear Pumps

A gear pump uses the meshing of gears to pump fluid by displacement. They are one of the most common types of pumps for pumping oil. Gear pumps are also widely used in chemical installations to pump fluid with greater than viscosity. There are two main variations; external gear pumps which use two external spur or helical gears, and internal gear pumps which use an external and an internal spur gear. The Oberdorfer Pumps are of the external helical gear design. Gear pumps are positive displacement, meaning they pump a constant amount of fluid for each revolution.

Grinder Pumps

Liberty 2 HP Submersible Sewage Omnivore Grinder water pump meet the demanding needs of comercial and residential sewage applications. The V-Slice cutter technology shears solids into small particles prior to being passed to the discharge by the impeller under high pressure. The Liberty Omnivore Grinder performs where other grinders fail/

Inline Circulating Pumps

Grundfos & Wilo in-line circulating pumps. Enjoy the convenience of instant hot water in your home and minimize the waste of energy with a hot water recirculation pump, insulated piping, timer, and aquastat.

Peripheral Turbine Pumps

The Burks and Pedrollo peripheral turbine pumps are recommended for pumping clean water without abrasive particles and liquids that are chemically non aggressive to the materials from which the pump is made. They are suitable for boiler feed applications, domestic use, industrial applications and as boosters for irrigating gardens.

Pool and Spa Pumps

Hayward Super Pumps, Hayward MaxiFlo Pumps, StaRite Duraglass and Max-E-Pro swimming pool pumps, center & side discharge spa pumps, self draining hot tub pumps and Rule pool cover pumps. The heart of the pool or spa system is the water pump. In a typical pump system, an electric motor spins an impeller inside the pump housing. The impeller drives the water from the various drains through the filter and back out to the water inlets. Just before it flows into the pump, the water passes through a strainer basket that catches leaves and other large debris that might clog up the pump.

Self Priming Pumps

Sprinkler and irrigation pumps from Berkeley, Flint & Walling, Goulds Water Technology and Myers Quick-Prime self priming centrifugal water pumps from 1-1/2 HP to 5 HP. Irrigation pumps at discount prices online. A self priming pump is designed so that the pump will retain enough liquid when it stops, to start again without having to worry about re-priming.

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