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Oberdorfer Pumps

Oberdorfer Pumps

Oberdorfer Pumps, a subsidiary of Thomas Industries Inc., has manufactured high-quality, dependable pumps for over 100 years. They include all bronze gear pumps, centrifugal pumps, rubber impeller pumps, and macerator pumps, for the Marine, Industrial, Agricultural, and Chemical Processing fields Oberdorfer pumps are used in the transfer, recirculation, and processing of various chemicals; fuel, oils, water, acids, caustics, and other fluids. Oberdorfer is committed to producing a quality product at competitive prices with short lead times. We are proud to distribute products from an American pump manufacturer with a commitment to quality, tradition and innovation. Oberdorfer has been doing this since 1890.

Questions & Answers

Damage resulting from electrolytic corrosion is not covered by Oberdorfer Limited Warranty. Galvanic corrosion (electrolysis) can cause serious damage to any metal component in the water.
Galvanic corrosion is the deterioration of metals from the effects of electrolytic action. When different metals are immersed in a conductive fluid like salt water, an electric current is produced, similar to the action of a battery. The softer metal will be the first to deteriorate or corrode.
Galvanic corrosion can occur in fresh or salt water, but, salt, brackish and polluted waters can accelerate the galvanic corrosion process.
Self-sacrificing anodes can be mounted to a craft to help prevent or reduce damage to metal components from galvanic corrosion.
It is the craft owner’s responsibility to periodically inspect and replace the sacrificial zinc anodes. If the anode has deteriorated 50% or more, it should be replaced for continued protection. DO NOT paint an anode, its fasteners or its mounting surface. Paint and improper contact with its mounting surface will reduce the anode’s protection capabilities. Make sure the contact between the anode and its mounting surface is clean and secure.

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