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Sump, Effluent And Sewage Pumps

Zoeller Pumps

Zoeller Pumps

Zoeller Pumps manufacturers sump, efluent, sewage & grinder pumps; dewatering pumps, assembled sewage packages; water powered automatic sump pumps & accessories.

Zoeller Pumps is located on approximately 15 acres of land in Louisville, Kentucky. The company moved to its present location in 1949, with only 5 employees. Since then, Zoeller Pump has steadily grown both in physical size and in manpower. Currently, the manufacturing facility devotes 214,044 sq. ft. to its production area, and 22,434 sq. ft. to office space. The employee base now consists of 317 full-time employees. The primary objective of Zoeller Pumps is to satisfy customers, both internally and externally. This is achieved by providing quality products and services that meet or exceed customer's expectations.

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