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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ section of the King Pumps Inc. support forum. Here you'll find answers to the Top 11 questions plus an array of other questions, arranged topically, regarding our products and services. To find an answer, select the applicable topic below and view the list of questions.

The Top 10 Questions

  • Can you tell us what we need? We can help you with factory bulletins and manuals and assist you in navigating our site so that you can make an informed purchase ......but....we do not give answers to specific water problems nor recommend pumps for particular applications due to complexity, liability, and time constraints. For your consideration, you can download the factory bulletins and operating manuals for most products that we feature in our Site.
  • Do you take Internet orders over the phone? All Internet orders must be placed through our Internet Store on-line
  • Do Internet prices apply when purchasing at your warehouse in Miami, Florida? No, discounted Internet Store prices are good only for purchases made through our Internet Store
  • How do I view the shipping charges before placing my order? Do the following: add item to the Shipping Cart drop-down window, enter the state and shipping zip code....choose shipping "apply"....see order with shipping charges (Florida includes sales tax) . None of the information that you have put in will come to us until you actually purchase the item.
  • My order does not include any shipping charges.....what does this mean? If no shipping charges are shown or the shipping amount reads $0.00 it simply means that your order has exceeded the standard 150 lb. UPS shipping limit, and that we will be contacting you with your additional shipping charges before processing your order.
  • My order had been opened and re-sealed when I received it. Why? All products listed in our Internet Store are new. We do not sell reconditioned equipment through our Internet Store. All cartons are opened prior to shipment and the merchandise inspected and re-packed as required to protect them from damage in transit.
  • Do you accept orders from outside the USA? We sell only within the 48 adjacent USA . Orders from or to outside the 48 adjacent USA (including Alaska, American Samoa, Canal Zone, Guam, Hawaii, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands) cannot be processed through our Internet Store.
  • Do you have a dealer in our area? Since 1974 we have been located in sunny Miami, Florida. We are near your area only through the virtual doors of our Internet Store.
  • Why don't you sell parts? We do not sell parts because failure to repair pumps, motor and electrical equipment correctly could result in electrical shock, fire hazard, unsatisfactory performance, equipment failure and even death. Installation, repairs and parts replacements should be undertaken by certified and licensed technicians, contractors, local pump and motor repair shops and not by the Buyer. Neither the equipment manufacturer nor King Pumps makes any representation or warranty of any kind to the Buyer that he or she is qualified to neither install nor make any repairs to the product.
  • Why do you want me to e-mail instead of calling? Receiving questions by email allow us to operate in an organized, accurate fashion. We can answer your questions in a timely manner by e-mail, which will allow us both to have a "paper trail" of the communication.
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