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AquaCharge Pump



The AquaCharge portable, rechargeable utility pump combines convenient features in a sleek, new, industrial design. The fully submersible pump has easy operation and is battery operated so it can be taken anywhere. The included charging station allows for easy recharging of the battery to ensure your pump is never inactive due to not having batteries on hand. The AquaCharge pump has many convenient features: Rechargeable battery (charger included!); ccnnects to the included 8 hose or any standard garden hose; easy operation; Pumps up to 200 gallons of water on a single charge. The AquaCharge Includes: submersible pump, 8 Hose, battery and charging Station

Questions & Answers

No it is not. It is suitable for pumping non-potable water only.
No it cannot. Do not pump gasoline, diesel or flammable liquids.
No it is not. This pump is designed for use with fresh and sea water only.

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