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Power-Flo Pumps manufacturers utility pumps, sump pumps, effluent pumps, sewage pumps, non-clog pumps, grinders pumps and heavy duty fountain pumps.

Power-Flo Submersible Sewage 2" NPT  Pumps PFSE <BR>

Power-Flo Submersible Sewage Pumps PFSE 1 & 3 Phase, 2" discharge, passes 2" spherical solids, in 1/2 HP and 1 HP, 200-230/460 tri-voltage motor, 15 feet power cord. Submersible non-clog sewage pumps are designed for typical raw sewage application.

Power-Flo Submersible Sewage 3" NPT  Pumps PFSE <br>

Power-Flo Submersible Sewage Pumps PFSE 1-1/2, 2 & 3 HP 3 Ph. Power-Flp submersible sewage pumps. 3" flanged discharge with 3" NPT connection, passes 2-1/2" spherical solids, in 1-1/2 HP, 2 HP and 3 HP 200-240/3/60 with 25 feet cord.

Power-Flo Submersible Non-Clog 4" Flanged Sewage Pumps PF4NC<BR>

Power-flo Pumps series PF4NC, 4" flanged horizontal discharge submersible non-clog sewage pump designed for typical raw sewage applications; 3" spherical solids with double mechanical seals; 4.5 HP, 7.5 HP 11.3 HP and 15HP, 1750RPM, 60Hz. Include normally open (N/O) moisture sensor contact and normally closed (N/C) temperature sensor contact.

Power-Flo Submersible Grinder  Sewage Pumps PFG & PFGP Series

Power-Flo Pumps submersible grinder pumps series PFG & PFGP Series. Available in 1-1/4" discharge, 2 HP or 2" discharge, 3 HP , 5 HP & 7.5 HP. Designed to reduce domestic, commercial, institutional and light industrial sewage to a finely ground slurry.

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