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The RainPerfect pump and solar panel install in minutes and provide pressurized water from your rain barrel to your outdoor water activities such as watering your lawn or garden, running low pressure sprinklers, or washing your car. Harnessing the power of the sun, RainPerfect allows for efficient operations without the constraints or installation of a dedicated power line. RainPerfect facilitates the direct application of collected rain water, ensuring the efficient usage of nature's gifted resources. The RainPerfect pump and solar panel install easily and provide plenty of pressure to run water through a garden hose. The pump provides enough pressure to run most low pressure sprinklers, wash a car or water just about anything around your home. A convenient solar panel captures natural energy from the sun eliminating the need for electrical power to charge the battery. This makes the RainPerfect pump ready to go anywhere, anytime and involves no additional utility cost for you. The RainPerfect pump and solar pane Model RB280 Series provides pressurized pumping through a garden hose (13 PSI); runs on a solar rechargeable (NiMH) battery for operation anytime, day or night; connects to all standard garden hoses; is easy to operate and install; is adaptable to most style rain barrels and pumps up to 100 gallons of water on a single charge.

Recycle Your Water

Rule RainPerfect Solar Powered Rain Barrel Pump  RB280-100  (B)<br>

Rule RainPerfect Rain Barrel Pump System # RB280-100 has the capacity of pumping 100 gallons of water per charge with 13 PSI of pressure! It has the ability to empty a 55 gallon rain barrel in approximately 18 minutes and will empty almost two barrels on a single charge...at no additional electrical cost to you. H2O Only. This pump is designed for use with fresh and sea water only. NOT recommended for potable water. NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM KING PUMPS

12 NiMH Rechargeable Battery. Exposure to damaged or ruptured batteries is a health hazard and should be avoided. If any liquid from the NiMH battery comes in contact with your skin, quickly wash with mild detergent and water, neutralize liquid with a mild acid such as vinegar and consult a doctor if necessary. If the liquid should enter your eyes, flush with clean water for fifteen minutes and consult a doctor for further instructions. Contact your local recycling center for information regarding proper disposal methods. Do not incinerate the NiMH battery pack as it has the potential to explode under high heat causing severe injury and may create toxic fumes.

Questions & Answers

Is this pump safe for potable water?
Rule Pumps does NOT recommend the RainPerfect for potable water.
What do I do if my battery won't take a charge?
If your battery will not take a charge try some of these troubleshooting actions: - Check the alignment of your solar panel - Check the wire connections from the control box to the solar panel - Check the solar panel wire for any cuts or damages - The battery may not charge during long durations of cloudiness
Will my RainPerfect still work if there is no sun?
Your RainPerfect should still work on a cloudy day if it has been sunny enough before to charge the battery. The battery may not charge during long durations of cloudiness though.
Why won't my RainPerfect turn on?
Check the battery charge by tapping the yellow button on the control box once. If the indicator light shows red you need to charge your battery. If the indicator does not show a color, your battery is fully drained of its charge and should be allowed to fully charge in approximately 8 hours of sunlight before attempting to use it again.
Is RainPerfect safe for my children?
RainPerfect� may not be safe for operation by young children. Use your best judgment to judge if your child is capable of properly using the pump. As always, proper supervision is necessary for children.
Does RainPerfect offer a warranty?
RainPerfect� is covered by a one year limited warranty in the United States.
Do I need a special hose for the RainPerfect Pump?
No. Your RainPerfect� pump will work with any standard garden hose.
What type of rain barrels will the RainPerfect fit on?
RainPerfect is designed for use with most standard rain barrel designs. As long as there is a location to mount the control box on top of the barrel then the pump will work.
Can I use the RainPerfect with my sprinkler?
The RainPerfect pump provides enough pressure to run most low-pressure sprinkler systems. A good rule of thumb is if you would normally connect your sprinkler to your garden hose and the spout on the side of your house, then RainPerfect� should work. Not all sprinkler systems are low-pressure systems though so RainPerfect will not work will all sprinklers.
Will the pump turn off by itself?
No. If you leave the pump on it will remain running until the battery is completely drained of power. To avoid this, remember to shut your RainPerfect off when not in use.
Does the pump provide enough pressure to use standard hose fittings?
Yes, the RainPerfect pump provides enough pressure to use standard hose fittings.
Do I need to take my RainPerfect pump inside if I won't be using it for a long time?
Yes. It is important that you remove the battery from the pump during long periods of storage. Then, store both the pump and the battery in a dry place.
Do I need to take my RainPerfect pump inside during the winter?
Yes. RainPerfect should be stored indoors during times when temperature drops below freezing on a regular basis. Remember to disconnect the battery during storage.
Can my RainPerfect pump anything other than water?
No. The RainPerfect pump is designed for use with fresh and sea water only.
Where should I place the solar panel?
Place the solar panel where it will best receive sunlight. For help determining this, set the panel up at noontime and using the cardboard X that came with the pump, align the panel to the sun directly overhead so that there are no shadows around the X. Once the alignment is set, turn the knob on the side of the panel clockwise to set it in place.
What do I do if my pump is not pumping?
Check the following: - Battery charge - Wire connections - That your rain barrel has water in it - That the hose doesn't have any kinks in it - The connection between the intake hose and the control box - The pump filter is clean

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