Rubber Impeller Pumps

Rubber Impeller Pumps

Rubber Impeller Pumps

Flexible rubber water pumps are self priming and will lift up to 20 feet when wet. Their positive-displacement pumping action prevents air-lock. They easily pass liquid, foam and air without difficulty (cannot run dry for over 30 seconds without damage. Its gentle pumping action easily handles shear sensitive liquids without emulsifying or foaming. Flexible impeller pumps can pass soft solids and will leave them undamaged when the pump is properly sized. They can also pass hard solids with minimum wear. The simple design of the flexible impeller pumps utilizes only three moving parts (impeller, seal, and shaft). A novice can even replace impellers in 15 minutes or less keeping downtime is to a minimum. It has compact dimensions compared to competitive pump designs

Little Giant Transfer Pump 360 GPH 115V # 360 (555502) (D)

Little Giant non-submersible self-priming rubber impeller nickel plated brass Proven Pony Pump for portable, temporary applications only. Designed for intermittent use only with 15 mimutes "on" and 45 minutes "off". Use for temporary applications only. Two extra impellers and gaskets included with pump. Little Giant # PP-1 (555100) pump

Little Giant Self Priming Transfer Pump 300 GPH 12 VDC 365 (555602) (E)

Little Giant Self Priming Transfer Pump 300 GPH 12 VDC 365 (5505602).Little Giant non-submersible self-priming rubber impeller nickel plated brass Proven Pony Pump, 12 VDC, for portable, temporary applications only. For intermittent use with 15 minutes "on" and 45 minutes "off". Includes 2 extra impellers and gaskets. Replaces Little Giant PP-12 (555200) pump.

Oberdorfer Macerator Pump w/Vacuum Switch 25 GPM # 406MK-7N26 (CC)

Oberdorfer, macerator, single phase, close-coupled, bronze, self priming, rubber impeller pump with vacuum switch. Designed specifically for pumping sewage from boats to holding tanks or sewer connections. The function of the pump is to suction the solids and liquids from the holding tanks, grind the effluent with the rotating cutter head down to a small particle size and discharge of the waste to a convenient receptacle either above or below the pump elevation. Macerator pumps are not designed to be run dry of liquids. The impellers will wear and the pumps capacity to discharge the liquids will be lessened. The Oberdorfer macerator pump will macerate and pump all waste and tissue normally found in marine waste systems. IT WILL NOT HANDLE HARD SOLID OBJECTS, SANITARY NAPKINS, OR RAGS.

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