Ace-In-A-Hole Pressure Booster System


Simer Pumps Booster # 3075SS-01 Ace-In-A-Hole total home water pressure booster system. The-Ace-In-A-Hole lets you enjoy better showers, cleaning and sprinkling. The fully automatic system increases and maintains household water pressure up to a maximum pumping capacity of 26 gallons per minute and maximum pressure boost of 40 PSI. It comes assembled and ready to install and includes 6' 115-volt power cord for easy plug in so no hard wiring required.


Simer Pumps Booster System 3/4 HP 115 V # 3075SS-01(B)<br>

Obsolete. Replaced by 4075SS-01

Simer Pumps Booster Ace-In-A-Hole System 3/4 HP 115 V # 3075SS-01. This 3/4 HP 115 volt,7.2 Amps single phase, booster offers a maximum additional pressure of 40 PSI and up to 26 GPM. Assembled, ready to install; includes 6' 115-volt power cord, 1" Female NPT intake and 1" Male NPT discharge pipes.

Watts Water Pressure Regulator 1" (006963) # N45BU-1(C)<br>

Watts # N45BU-1, direct acting, water pressure reducing valve. Reduces high inlet pressure from up to 400 PSI to a lower adjustable outlet pressure from 25 to 75 PSI. 1" FNPT union inlet and 1" FNPT female outlet (no union)

Pressure Gauge 2" Liquid Filled 0-200 PSI # EILPG2002-4L (C)<br>

Pressure Gauge 2" Liquid Filled 0-200 PSI glycerin liquid filled 2", 1/4" MNPT bottom connection, 2% accuracy, vacuum and pressure gauges with steel case and plastic lens for high vibration applications in 30 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. # EILPG2002-4L, Use only with water

List: $15.10
Value Priced $11.00
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Low Pressure Furnas Cut-off "Gard-it" Switch # 69WC7 (D)<br>

The Gard-it switch is wired in series with a conventional pressure switch. If pump loses it's prime the system pressure will fall considerably below the cut-in point of the regular pressure switch. Gard-it will disconnect the pump motor.

List: $224.00
Value Priced $146.95
Availability: ships the next business day
Pressure Relief Valve 1/2" (Set 100 PSI) # IRV50-100NL (D)

Pressure relief valve 1/2" heavy duty, no lead, bronze pressure relief valve for shallow, deep well and submersible pumps. Recommended only for cold water system installation. Spring loaded and pre-set at 100 PSI (Not adjustable). Not for use with hot water heaters.

List: $44.56
Value Priced $29.25
Availability: ships the next business day

Questions & Answers

Should I install a low pressure cut-off switch?
Installation of a low pressure safety cutoff switch on the pump discharge is recommended (and may be required by your local code) to shut off the power in case of low discharge pressure (caused by broken pipe, etc).
Can I use hoses to install the pump?
Do not install with hoses. Use only rigid piping that meets code to avoid risk of burst hoses and flooding

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