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Ace-In-A-Hole Pressure Booster System


Simer Pumps Booster # 3075SS-01 Ace-In-A-Hole total home water pressure booster system. The-Ace-In-A-Hole lets you enjoy better showers, cleaning and sprinkling. The fully automatic system increases and maintains household water pressure up to a maximum pumping capacity of 26 gallons per minute and maximum pressure boost of 40 PSI. It comes assembled and ready to install and includes 6' 115-volt power cord for easy plug in so no hard wiring required.

Questions & Answers

Installation of a low pressure safety cutoff switch on the pump discharge is recommended (and may be required by your local code) to shut off the power in case of low discharge pressure (caused by broken pipe, etc).
Do not install with hoses. Use only rigid piping that meets code to avoid risk of burst hoses and flooding

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