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Cla-Val Combination Pressure Reducing
and Non-slam Check Valve

Cla-Val  Regulators


Cla-Val 30-250 PSI 150 lb. flanged and NPT threaded series 90G-01ADS combination pressure reducing and non-slam check valve in globe and angle patterns. Include main Hytrol valve, restriction fitting, CRD pressure reducing control, X46A flow clean strainer, pilot check valves and CV opening flow control. Pressure Reducing Valve: Automatically reduces a higher inlet pressure (up to 250 PSI) to a steady lower downstream pressure, regardless of changing flow rate and/or varying inlet pressure. This valve is an accurate, pilot-operated regulator capable of holding downstream pressure to a pre-determined limit (from 30-250 PSI). When downstream pressure exceeds the pressure setting of the control pilot, the main valve and pilot valve close drip-tight. Check Valve: When a pressure reversal occurs, the downstream pressure is admitted in the main valve cover chamber,closing the valve to prevent return flow. Construction: Ductile iron body and cover, epoxy coated in and out; cast iron retainer & diaphragm washer; bronze disc guide, seat and cover bearing; Buna N rubber disc; Nylon reinforced Buna-N rubber diaphragm and stainless steel stem, nut and spring.

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