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Brady Air Volume Controls and Valves



Brady Products manufactures water well accessories such as air volume controls; check valves & foot valves; PVC well screens & well points; water hammer arrestors & pressure gauges. An air volume control is installed on the well's storage tank to introduce air into the tank with each pump cycle. The air helps maintain the water system's pressure. They are used on water well storage tanks that do not have a bladder or membrane between the water and air. Brady Check Valves are used to prevent backflow and loss of prime in water well, irrigation, and sprinkler systems. Made from Acetal resin plastic, they are lead free, non-corrosive, non-conductive, and will outlast and outperform many metal valves. Brady Foot Valves consist of a line check valve described above, along with a strainer and are commonly used at the end of a pump suction line. They are used in open water applications such as well casings, drawing water from a lake, canal or pond, or when pumping water from a holding tank such as a cistern. The foot valve serves a dual purpose by providing added filtering of the water an also holding the prime in the pump head.

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