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Oasis Shallow Well Hand Pitcher Pumps



Oasis Pumps- Shallow and Deep Well Corrosion Resistant Hand Pitcher Pumps. The new rugged, cost-efficient Oasis hand pump combines all the advantaged of the old fashioned cast iron pumps with modern technology. Made of reinforced thermoplastics, they are virtually unbreakable, lightweight and will not rust, corrode or wear. Test show no wear of the cylinder or plunger cup after millions of strokes. Closed design prevents entry of air-borne and other potential contaminants, an important consideration for a sanitary water supply.

WP2-M-BA Model No. WP2-M shallow well pump with 20 feet discharge head capability.Includes 1-1/4" female IPT discharge that can accept an 1-1/4" X 3/4" hose connector, an 2" X 1-1/4" suction reducing bushing and a BA flange base to bolt to any flat surface. Can pump from 20' suction lift and to 20 feet discharge height.

WP2D & DC280 DEEP WELL KIT - Oasis pump and cylinder combination uses PVC for lift rod allowing for less effort on each stroke due to the hollow PVC pipe aiding in lift. This is why this light weight and small pump is able to pump at the depths far below 50 feet to 20 feet discharge height.

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