Oasis Plastic Deep Well Hand Pressure Pitcher Pump # WP2-D-DC280-125

Oasis Plastic Deep Well Hand Pressure Pitcher  Pump #  WP2-D-DC280-125 (BB) <br>

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The Oasis pumps are manufactured from reinforced thermoplastics; ABS and PVC which makes them light weight plus rust and corrosion resistant. The WP2D deep well hand pump capable of pumping water from depths of up to 50 Feet. The closed design helps prevent contaminants from entering the well. Water can be pumped to another location by attaching a 1 1/4" hose to the removable discharge spout or connecting pipe to the 1-1/4" Female IPT discharge. Can be made freeze-proof by drilling a 1/16" hole in the drop pipe below the frost line to drain the water above the hole back down the well.


PUMP Height: 18" Base Diameter: 7" Discharge Port: 1-1/4" Female pipe thread Suction Port: 2" female pipe thread for drop pipe. Pump Rod Size: 3/8" diameter with adapter to 1/2" rigid Schedule 80 PVC pipe. Pump Rod Stroke: 3 1/2" Fasteners And Upper Pump Rod: Stainless steel. Weight: 6 lbs Note: Has stainless steel upper rod with adapter to attach pump rod CYLINDER: (The component that goes down the well). Height: 29" Outside Diameter: 3 1/8" Inside Diameter: 1 7/8" Pipe Size: 2" PVC slip fitting (solvent weld) Plunger: All Brass with 3 cup leathers and stainless steel pump rod adapter. Pump Rod Size: 1/2" PVC slip fitting (solvent weld) Cylinder Barrel: Made of rigid PVC. Capacity: Approximately 2 Gallons. per 50 strokes Weight: 5 lbs

Garden Hose Adapter 1-1/4" MNPT X 3/4" GHT # GH-3/4 (599025) (C)<br>

1-1/4" male national pipe thread on one end and 3/4" male hose thread other end.

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LGI-FTG-GH-3/4 (599025)
Oasis Deep Well Pump Typical Platform Mounting

The major components of a complete installation are as follows: PUMP - INCLUDED 2)CYLINDER: - INCLUDED (The component that goes down the well). 3) PUMP STAND (NOT INCLUDED) 4) DROP PIPE (2" schedule 40 rigid PVC plastic) : - NOT INCLUDED 5) WELL CYLINDER: INCLUDED 6) WELL SEAL - NOT INCLUDED 6) WELL CASING - NOT INCLUDED

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