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Hot Water Circulation
Grundfos And Wilo Hot Water Pumps

Hot Water Circulation

Hot water circulation. Grundfos & Wilo hot water circulating pumps. Enjoy the convenience of instant hot water in your home and minimize the waste of energy with a hot water recirculation pump, insulated piping, timer, and aquastat. With a hot water circulation system in place, there will be instant water when you turn on the faucet or shower for hot water. A standard circulation system requires a dedicated return line from the fixtures back to the water heater. The return line is connected to a tee at the tank drain valve or to the tanks cold water supply. A hot water circulating pump and check valve are installed on the return line and controlled by a timer or an Aquastat. The timer turns on the pump at preset intervals, usually during peak use periods in the early morning and late afternoon. An optional Aquastat operates the pump to keep hot water in the line within a set range (95°F–115°F). All supply and return lines should be insulated for maximum energy savings. When there is no return line or to retrofit an existing system the Grundfos Comfort System Pump is installed on the hot water heater to help pull “recycled” water back to the hot water heater t. Placed under the sink farthest from the hot water heater, the valve helps regulate the flow from the hot water line to the cold water line. Hot water is always at hand because it circulates from the hot water line to the cold water line and back to the hot water heater.

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