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Duplex Waterproof Control Panels For Wastewater Pumps

 Duplex  Control Panels

Duplex waterproof control panels with hand-off-auto switches, running lights, (H-O-A) elapse time meters for each pump plus a visual flashing high water alarm, and a pulsating high water alarm horn with silence button in a Nema 4X water-proof fiberglass enclosure for a variety of sump, effluent, sewage and water transfer applications.


NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosure with gasketed hinged door and stainless steel hardware and lockable latch. Application: Superior quality duplex level controller for a variety of sump, effluent, sewage and water transfer applications. Three Level Floats Operation: Float #1: Both pumps off; Float #2: Lead pump on; Float #3: Lag pump and visual & audio alarms on. Four level floats operation: Float #1: Both pumps off; Float #2: Lead pump on; Float #3: Lag pump on. Float #4: Visual & audio alarms on. Exterior Mounted Components: Elapsed time meters for each pump; Running lights for each pump; Silence switch for manual silence of alarm horn; Alarm test switch for tested alarm circuit; Red high intensity manual reset alarm light (top mounted); Pulsating, corrosion proof 30 Watt, 95 dB. automatic reset alarm horn. Interior Mounted Components Magnetic contactors; Adjustable motor protectors (3 phase controls only); 115 volts control transformer (3 phase controls only); Toggle switches mounting plate: H-O-A (Hand-Off-Auto)switch for each pump; On-off control circuit switch; Electronic control board: Solid state pump alternator displays float status; Alternator selector switch. Choice of alternation or only one pump operation; Lag pump 5 second lag start relay; Auxiliary alarm contacts provided for remote control connection; Color coded wiring, screw type terminals and plug-in sockets Single Phase Power Feed: Field adjustable for 115 or 230 Volts 60 Hz. Three Phase Power Feed: Field adjustable for 208/230/460/575 Volts 60 Hz Note: Panel can be wired for a single power feed and control circuit or it can be wired to a separate power supply to insure alarm integrity in case of a tripped main breaker. Documentation Field wiring diagram; Panel schematic; Installation instructions. Certifications Entire unit is UL and cUL listed

Duplex Control Panel Horsepower Rating
Model Amperes Volts 115 1 Volts 230 1 Volts 208 3 Volts 230 3 Volts 460 3
BF120D-D740 1-20 1/2 2 - - -
BF3BB-D740-25-40 2.5-4.0 - - - 3/4 1
BF3CD-D740-40-63 4.0-6.0 - - 3/4 3/4 3
BF3DD-D740-63-10 6.3-10.0 - - 1 1-1/2 5
BF3ED-D740-10-16 10.0-16.0 - - 2 3 7-1/2
BF3FD-D740-16-20 16.0-20.0 - - 5 5 10
BF3GD-D740-20-25 20.0-25.0 - - 5 7-1/2 10
  • Ampere draw from the pump nameplate must be used to size the panel correctly.
  • Controls are factory wired for 3 float operation.
  • They are field modifiable for 4 float operation.
  • Float switches are not included and are sold separately
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