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Torque Arrestor for Submersible Well Pumps

Item#: HVD-ACC-TA48
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Torque Arrestor TA-48
Reg. $23.37
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Torque arrestors are clamped on the submersible well pump drop pipe and are field adjusted to hold the pump centered in the well casing. Includes 2 ideal stainless steel clamps. Fits 4" - 8" well casing. Fits 1" or 1-1/4" drop pipe. Molded from PVC. Two piece design installs quickly. Field adjustable to hold pump centered in well.

Questions & Answers

The torque arrestor is installed right above the pump and clamps over the wires.
Set it so that there is just enough clearance to allow it to easily go down the well casing. While is helps center the pump, it's main function is to adsorb motor starting torque.
Yes……the safety rope should be large enough to support the weight of the pump, piping, wire, etc., and is left on the pump and tied off at the top of the well. Obviously, if galvanized pipe is used versus poly pipe, the rope needs to be able to hold the extra weight.

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