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Float switches, float brackets and slide rail systems

Conery Manufacturing

Conery Manufacturing

Conery manufacturers control & pump duty float switches, stainless steel float brackets & cable anchor kits, junction & quick plug boxes and Freeflo submersible pumps slide rail assemblies. Conery narrow angle and wide angle float switches were designed for liquid level control in sewage and wastewater environments. Some switches are designed with piggyback plugs for direct control of sump pumps and sewage ejectors. Brackets are designed to keep multiple floats organized within the basin. All brackets are made of 304 stainless steel and come with black cord snubbers to attach float cables. The T-shaped bracket styles are supplied with a mounting piece so that the bracket itself may be easily removed from the basin with the floats still attached. The Freeflo Base Elbow Rail System is designed for the simple installation and removal of most vertical discharge pumps. Its allows for pump service without the need to disconnect plumbing or physically enter the basin.

Slide Rails 2inch # BERS-0200<br>Slide Rails 2inch # BERS-0200

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