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Condensate Pumps. Little Giant and Liberty Condensate removal drain sump pumps dispose of air conditioning & refrigeration condensation, and the waste water from drinking fountains, humidifiers, ice makers, beverage machines and gas furnaces.These condensate pumps compare to Beckett and Hartel condensate pumps. Condensate is produced at a rate of up to a gallon per hour by a residential central air conditioning unit or gas condensing furnace. The condensate is gravity fed from the appliance drain into one of the inlet ports of the condensate removal unit. A tubing is connected from the pump check valve to a drain line, sump, french drain or laundry sink. The "Head" is the height the pump is required to "raise" the water. The "run" is the distance the water travels horizontally once the height is reached. The "run" does not affect the head or flow rate unless it exceeds 50 feet. "Runs" of 50' or more will decrease pump output by about 10%. The auxiliary safety switch should be wired to shut down the appliance in the event of a pump overflow. Pump overflow can be caused by a blocked discharge line, power loss to the pump, or pump malfunction. The switch can be wired in-line with the thermostat to shut down the appliance; or wired directly to an alarm.

Pump Capacity Table
Model Brand HP Tank
Head In Feet
1' 3' 5' 7' 9' 15' 18' 22' Shut-off
Gallons Per Hour (GPH)
1-ABS Little Giant 1/150 None 205 180 145 80 25       10’
VCC-20ULS Little Giant 1/30 1/3 80 78 70 55 46 25 10   20’
VCMA-20ULS Little Giant 1/30 1/2 80 78 70 55 46 25 10   20’
VCMX-20ULS Little Giant 1/30 1/2 84 80 75 70 62 42 30   21’
LCU-20S Liberty 1/50 1/2 105 100 95 87 80 40 20   20’
LCU-SP20S Liberty 1/50 1/4 105 100 95 87 80 40 20   20’
VCL-24ULS Little Giant 1/18 1 270 260 250 230 210 175 150 105 24’
3-ABS Little Giant 1/12 1 310 290 280 270 260 175 130 80 26’

Little Giant Condensate Pumps

The Little Giant Pump Company condensate removal pump units are used as wastewater drain pumps for ice makers, beverage dispensers, drinking fountains, water coolers and dehumidifiers.

Liberty Pumps Condensate Pumps

The Liberty Pumps LCU-Series Condensate Pumps are designed to handle removal of condensate from high efficiency furnaces, A/C equipment, dehumidifiers, ice machines and other applications producing condensate. Model LCU-20S and LCU-SP20S come with a safety switch. 20' tubing not included

Little Giant Factory Condensate Pumps Literature
Liberty Factory Condensate Pumps Literature

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