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Shower Drain DC Pump

Shower Drain  Pump Kit

The Rule Pumps shower drain kit 800 gph model 98 is a compact, full capacity shower drain system. it automatically turns on after the water starts, and shuts off when the water is removed. the rule shower drain kit activated by a Rule-A-Matic float switch. it has three inlet ports, which offer varying combinations of inlet hose. other features include a clear screw down cover, a removable strainer for easy cleaning, and an internal check valve to prevent back flow. shower pans too often drain into the bilge to be pumped overboard by the bilge pump. however, this arrangement eventually leads to unpleasant bilge odors, and it risks jamming the bilge pump with hair. shower pans should be isolated from the bilge and include an automatic discharge pump. the through-hull discharge outlet must always remain above the water.

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