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Hudson Plastic Float Valves V-1/2 and V-1

 Hudson Plastic Float Valves

The Hudson Valve's unique design maintains fluid level in various applications replacing other kinds of valves. The valve operates using a float and a control diaphragm chamber. The Hudson valve will allow water to flow through it until the water reaches the bottom of the valve. As the water level rises it causes the float inside of the valve to rise filing the diaphragm chamber and closing the valve. The Hudson Valve is designed to be used in water. For Aquariums, Car Washes, Evaporative Coolers, Fountains, Holding Tanks, Irrigation Systems, Landscaping, Livestock Tank, Ponds, Swimming Pools....and more


Connection: V-1/2" = 1/2" female NPT and V-1 = 1" female NPTInlet Pipe Size: For the Valve no smaller than and no bigger than 1. For the 1 Valve no smaller than and no bigger than 2 Height: V-1/2 and V-1 = 5.0" Diameter: V-1/2 = 3.0" and V-1 = 3.75" Operating Pressure: 8 to 140 PSI Flow Rate: 80% of flow supplied to valve Shut-off: The valve will shut of about 1-1/2- 2 up from the bottom of the valve depending on pressure (the higher your water pressure the higher up on the valve the water will shut off). There will be a short delay in shut-off the first time the valve is used while the control chamber fills with water. Max Temperature: 150 F. Anti-siphon requirements: When properly installed the valve meets anti-siphon requirements.

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