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Wherever there is a need for fluid handling equipment chances are you will find a Crane Pumps and Systems brand pump. From the sump in your basement to municipal sewage treatment, from the boiler room in a high rise building to a marine processing plants, power generating stations , paper mills, construction sites, utility maintenance fleets and even in farm fields...Crane Pumps & Systems products are hard at work.

Burks pumps from Crane Pumps & Systems is an extraordinarily versatile line of end suction centrifugal pumps, and regenerative turbine pumps. All are offered in close-coupled designs. Pump application is equally versatile from process plant to general plant service and high rise booster service.

Burks Pumps End Suction, Close Coupled Centrifugal Water Pumps <br>

Burks Pumps end suction, close-coupled, bronze fitted, centrifugal pumps with mechanical seal and heavy wall castings suitable for many commercial and industrial applications such as domestic water booster service, condenser, chilled, and hot water systems in HVAC and general water supply.

Burks Pumps Close Coupled Regenerative Turbine Pumps<br>

Burks Pumps close coupled regenerative turbine pumps for boiler feed & condensate return; oil heat transfer; hot water, cold water , brine & hydraulic oil circulation, jockey pumps & pressure boosting. Burks regenerative turbine pumps unique design are engineered for high pressure, low flow applications.

Burks Pumps Regenerative  Turbine Pump Repair Kits

Burks Pumps CT kits include: Impeller, raceway, shaft seal, "o" ring, impeller lock washer and instructions.
Burks CS kits include: Impeller, raceway, shaft seal, "o" ring, suction sleeve, impeller lock nut, raceway screws, shaft key and instructions

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