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Ranger Submersible Pumps



The Ranger 4" high-flow submersible pumps, from Myers Pumps, are perfect for applications requiring a large volume of water. Stainless steel components and high-density composite resin impellers provide exceptional resistance to corrosion in harsh water conditions. The high-torque motor and superior pump hydraulics are carefully matched to handle virtually any job. They can be used for domestic water system plus irrigation, industrial, commercial, multiple housing and farm clean water use. The shell, discharge, shaft , coupling, intake, intake screen, cable guard and fasteners are made of lead free 304 stainless steel. The impellers, diffusers and suction caps are Noryl plastic and the discharge bearing is made of Buna N. High-flow capacities to 100 GPM make the Ranger 4" sub the easy choice for the really big jobs. The high-density thermoplastic impellers
resist corrosive wear from harsh water conditions.

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