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Rule Pumps

Rule Pumps submersible 12 Volt DC manual or automatic bilge pumps are the industry's standard. The 115 volt automatic computerized sump pumps are used to drain pools, pool covers, basements, garages, utility rooms, sumps, boats and other utility applications.

For the past 35 years Rule Pumps has been known for quality, assurance and phenomenal customer care.Rule submersible Bilge Pumps have set the standard for the industry for decades. They also manufacture computerized home sump pumps and Night Owl battery backup sump pump systems. There are probably few parts of the world where the Rule family of products are not in use and where their brands are not known.

Questions & Answers

Bilge pumps are not Self Priming
No......the discharge hose must run continually upwards •Reductions in hose size will reduce output
Increases in hose size will not increase output
Reversed polarity runs pump at 20% capacity
Increase wire gauge for each additional 20 foot run
Check valves are not recommended
Install a vented loop for anti-siphoning
Break in for 10 hours for maximum pumping
Rule does not repair pumps - it is not cost efficient for the consumer
Rule does not sell pump parts due to liability
Check valves are prohibited by the American Boat & Yacht Council for use as an anti-siphon device-and with good reason: They're notorious for failing in both the open and the closed position, which respectively leads to flooding or failure to pump. If the valve is close to the pump, the pump may not be able to overcome the weight of the water on the other side of the valve, rendering the pump ineffective.
The automatic bilge pump turns on about every two and a half minutes to "check" for high water. If water causes resistance on the pump, it continues to pump until the resistance lowers. With the check valve installed at the pump, it cant feel the weight of the water, and shuts off, allowing the bilge to fill with water!

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