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Rule-Mate Automatic Bilge Pumps

Rule-Mate  Automatic Bilge Pumps

The new eco-friendly Rule Mate series of bilge pumps feature a solid state water sensing technology that eliminates the need for separate float switch. All-in-one pump & switch. Pump turns on when water level rises & shuts off when water is removed. Will not pump oil. Straight motor oil will not turn the pump on. Snap-off strainer for easy cleaning. Anti-fouling impeller.Rule Mate Series are available in 500, 750 and 1100. Rule has been building bilge pumps for 30 years. The pumps are preferred by yachstmen and commercial fishermen all over the world.

Rule Mate Pumps 12 Volt DC Automatic Bilge Pump Data
Model GPH Amps @12v Amps @13.6v Fuse Size Ht. W. Wt. (lbs) Hose Diameter
RM500A 500 2 2.2 3 4.5" 6" 1.4 3/4"
RM750A 750 2.7 3.1 5 4.5" 6" 1.4 3/4"
RM1100A 1100 3.4 4.0 5 4.5" 6" 1.4 1-1/8"

Questions & Answers

Bilge pumps are not Self Priming
No......the discharge hose must run continually upwards •Reductions in hose size will reduce output
Increases in hose size will not increase output
Reversed polarity runs pump at 20% capacity
Increase wire gauge for each additional 20 foot run
Check valves are not recommended
Install a vented loop for anti-siphoning
Break in for 10 hours for maximum pumping
Rule does not repair pumps - it is not cost efficient for the consumer
Rule does not sell pump parts due to liability
Check valves are prohibited by the American Boat & Yacht Council for use as an anti-siphon device-and with good reason: They're notorious for failing in both the open and the closed position, which respectively leads to flooding or failure to pump. If the valve is close to the pump, the pump may not be able to overcome the weight of the water on the other side of the valve, rendering the pump ineffective.
The automatic bilge pump turns on about every two and a half minutes to "check" for high water. If water causes resistance on the pump, it continues to pump until the resistance lowers. With the check valve installed at the pump, it cant feel the weight of the water, and shuts off, allowing the bilge to fill with water!
Through advanced electronic technology, Rule Automatic Bilge Pumps eliminate the need for a separate switch to activate the pump. Once power is supplied, starting and stopping is completely automatic. The pump checks for water every 2 ˝ minutes by running for a second and measuring load against the impeller. If water is present, the pump remains on until the water is removed. Thereafter it resumes its 2 ˝ minute check cycle. The pumps feature two positive leads, one which is automatic and one which can manually override the pump and turn it on at any time.
Press strainer base fingers inward and lift pump to remove from strainer. Mount the strainer to your boat with stainless steel screws. On a fiberglass boat you may prefer to bond a wooden block in place and then mount the strainer. To assemble pump to strainer, align the clasps to the strainer fingers and press pump down to snap lock in place. To mount this pump to a transom or a side surface, use Rule Model 66 vertical mounting bracket.
Normal installation requires 16-gauge wire. For installations over 25 feet from battery, use 14-gauge wire.
Black pump wire connects to negative (-) side of the battery. Brown pump wire connects to the automatic side of the switch. Brown with white stripe wire connects to the manual side of the switch.
Install recommended size fuse in the positive (+) Brown wire.
Model 500 GPH uses 2.5 amps fuse; 800 GPH uses 5.0 amp fuse and 1100GPH uses 5.0 amp fuse
Pump are not equipped with a fuse. Always install the recommended fuse size in the (+) power line. Failure to install proper fuse could result in personal injury and/or fire hazards.
Wire connections should be sealed with Marine Grade Silicone Rubber, Liquid Electrical Tape, or Sudbury Elastomeric Marine Sealant to prevent corrosion.
When using two wire installations, eliminating the manual override option, the 3rd wire (Brown/White) must be sealed and secured high above the bilge water.
Bilge Pumps must be plumbed to a thru-hull fitting (see chart) that remains above the water line at all times. On sailboats, locate the thru-hull fitting high enough on the center of the transom to be above the anticipated water line. To prevent water traps that can cause your pump to airlock the hose must rise continuously from the pump to the thru-hull fitting with no clips where water can collect. Attach the discharge hose to the pump and thru-hull fitting with stainless steel hose clamps.
Wire connections may be incorrect, check connections; automatic pump may have faulty circuit , replace pump; possible electrical short , replace pump.

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