Rule Pumps Automatic 12 Volt DC Rule Mate Bilge Pump, 1100 GPH # RM1100A (CC)

Rule Pumps Automatic 12 Volt DC Rule Mate Bilge Pump, 1100 GPH # RM1100A (CC)

No longer available. Obsolete. Rule Pumps RM1100A, All-in-one pump & switch (no float switch required), Automatic 1100 GPH submersible 12 volt DC bilge pump preferred by yachtsmen and commercial fishermen worldwide. The Rule Mate series of Bilge pumps feature a solid state water sensing technology that eliminates the need for a separate float switch. It features an easy clean snap lock strainer, anti-fouling impeller.


    Automatic Operation: When water enters the bilge and reaches a certain height (2-3/4 inches) a sensor turns the pump on. After the water is pumped out, another sensor shuts the pump off.(On 2-3/4"; Off 1/2")

    The sensor's unique "field effect" technology will only recognize water. If a 100% concentration of oil is detected the pump will not activate. This is not a zero discharge prevention system. The result is the most technically advanced bilge pump available in the marketplace.

  • Amp Draw @ 12.0 Volts: 3.4
  • Amp Draw @ 13.6 Volts: 4.0
  • Fuse Size: 5 amps
  • Connections: one straight and one angle Hose barb fitting.
  • Discharge Opening: 1-1/8"
  • Discharge Finish: Barbed
  • Housing Material: ABS
  • Strainer Material: ABS
  • Impeller Material: Nylon
  • Shaft Material: Stainless
  • Seal Material: Nitrile/Teflon
  • Temperature Limit: 200 degrees F
  • Fluid Capabilities: Bilge Water
  • Typical Life: 1500 hours
  • Shut-Off, (0 GPM): 12'
  • Footprint: 2.75" x 4.5"
  • Wire Length: 29"
  • Wire Gauge: 16 AWG
  • Box Dimensions: Height: 4" Width: 5" Depth: 3.25"
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • Certifications: ISO 8846, ISO 10133, CE Certified EN50081-1 & EN50082-1, UPC Code 042237-11104

    Capacity # RM1100A Automatic Pump In Gallons Per Hour
    Operating Voltage Head In Feet
    0' 3.35' 6.7'
    Gallons Per Hour
    12 VDC 1100 800 600

    Note: Output is based on 10 hour break-in period and at 13.6V (12V models)

  • Rule-Mate-Pumps-Bulletin.pdf

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