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Rule Pumps Charge N' Flow Transfer Pump Kit 280 GPH, 12 VDC RP280KR.

Rule Pumps Charge N' Flow Portable Transfer Pump Kit 280 GPH, 12 VDC RP280KR (D)<br>

Rule Pumps Charge N' Flow Portable Pump Kit 280 GPH, 12 VDC, RP280KR. It's rechargeable, submersible and used to dewater bilges, as a deck shower, for wash downs, or as a transfer pump. It handles hot or cold water, seawater, antifreeze and diesel. This unit is NOT to be used for potable water. Includes pump, 8' hose, spray nozzle, filter, battery, charger and two types of adapters. The pump handles up to 100 gallons of water per battery charge. Not for use with gasoline, alcohol or any other flammable liquid. Do not use where flammable vapors are present.

Multiple Uses for Indoor & Outdoor: The Charge N' Flow submersible pump is ideally suited for pumping fresh and sea water or diesel, diesel refueling and transfer, home & garden, plumbing, windshield fluid transfer, camping & kayaking, rain water barrel pumping, washdown for cars, RV, anchors and boats, bilge or storm water emptying. The product is designed with two different adaptors and a rechargeable battery enclosed in the carrying case to allow the consumer to choose which power source will best suit their needs


Kit Components: 1) Submersible pump with quick disconnect fitting and fuse 2) Vehicle battery adapter with clips 3) Vehicle cigarette lighter adapter 4) 1/2" X 8 feet flat discharge hose 5) Spray nozzle 6) Case with integral battery 7) Case battery charger. Applications:Suitable for diesel, fresh and salt water and anti-freeze. Quick diesel transfer with no spillage. Water transfer, deck shower, or deck wash. Not for use with gasoline. Pump Capacity: 280 gph Maximum Head: 28 feet (12 PSI) using car battery and hose provided; 15 - 20 feet (7-9 PSI) using integrated battery and hose provided. Pump Dimensions: 1-1/2" Diameter, 5-1/2" long Voltage: 12 VAC Gallons Per Charge: Pumps about 100 gallons per charge. Charge Time: 10-12 hours Liquid Temperature:Water Systems to 176 F Power Options: 115V /60HZ Battery Charger, Vehicle Power Adapter, Battery Terminal Power Adapter Factory Warranty Period: One year

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