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Rule High Water Bilge Alarm # 33ALA (C)

Rule High Water Bilge Alarm # 33ALA (C)

The High Water Bilge Alarm consists of a non-mercury float switch and an in-dash gauge that features both a visual and an audible 85 db alarm. This unit allows an unmanned compartment to be constantly monitored. For additional compartments, add additional Rule Float Switches. Complies with CFR 182.530 which requires a visual and audible alarm in each unmanned space on commercial vessels at least 26' (7.9m) in length.


  • Includes a Rule-A-Matic Plus automatic float switch and in-dash gauge
  • Unit allows constant monitoring of an unmanned compartment(s)
  • Switch turns bilge pump on when water level reaches 2" - turns pump off when water level reaches 3/4"
  • Environmentally friendly mercury-free design
  • Float switch with fully integrated, impact-resistant cover protects against debris and jamming
  • Exclusive moisture-tight seals
  • Ignition protected
  • 2 year warranty


  • Rule Model No. 33ALA
  • Nominal Voltage: 12 Volt DC
  • Max. Current Draw: 20 amps
  • Wire SIze: 14 AWG
  • Dimensions (Float Switch): 2-1/4" x 5" x 2-1/64"
  • In-Dash Gauge Cut-out: 2-1/8" diameter
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