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Bearing Relubrication Intervals FAQ

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You should use our suggested intervals as a guide. If lubrication instructions are shown on the motor, they will supercede these general instructions.
Eight hours per day, normal or light loading, clean 100 degrees Fahrenheit maximum ambient.
Twenty-four hours per day operation or shock loadings,or in dirt or dust al over 100 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit ambient.
Depends on the horsepower.
2 years
1 year
9 months
6 months
1 year
10.5 months
9 months
3 months
1) Run motor until it is warm 2) Turn power off and stop motor 3) If hazardous location, purge area of hazardous atmosphere or particles 4) Wipe clean all grease fittings (filler and drain) 5) Install Zark fittings in filler holes if required. 6) Remove purge/drain plugs 7) Free drain hole of any hard grease (use piece or wire if necessary) 8) Add grease using a low pressure grease gun (wipe clean gun tip before using)9) Start motor and let run for approximately 30 minutes with drain plug removed. Motors are not to be run without plugs when in the presence of hazardous atmosphere or particle. 10) Stop motor, wipe off any drained grease, and replace drain plugs. 11) Motor is ready for operation.

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