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Oberdorfer Marine Pumps For Marine
Air Conditioning And Refrigeration

Oberdorfer Marine Pumps For Air Conditioning And  Refrigeration

Oberdorfer all bronze straight centrifugal and self priming pumps with motors with 416 stainless steel shafts for marine air conditioning and refrigeration. Designed specifically for use as raw water recirculation pumps on marine air conditioners. These pumps are widely used by major manufacturers of marine A/C units as standard
equipment on their new products.

Pump Capacity Table
Model HP Total Dynamic Head (TDH)
5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 Shut-off
Gallons Per Minute (GPM)
104M-J19 1/2 23 21 19 18 16 14 11 8 6 51
109MB-J19 1/2 70 62 55 50 40 30 20 10 - 42'
300B-J19 1/2 20 17 14 12 8 4 - - - 35'

Questions & Answers

Based upon the total BTU output of the A/C unit. Most manufacturers select pump size (capacity) based upon the following: 4 GPM (or 240 GPH) for each 12,000 BTU ( 1 Ton A/C)
One centrifugal pump will often serve as the coolant pump for two, three or even four condenser units on the same boat. Restrictor valves may be used on centrifugal pumps to reduce flow to desired amount - without damage to the pump unit.
If pump is to be mounted below the water line and with a flooded suction port, a centrifugal pump is generally preferred. Centrifugal pumps are quiet running, require less amperage, and are less easily damaged by running dry than are rubber impeller type pumps. However, most centrifugal pumps do not have suction lift capability (must have flooded suction to function).
If pump is to be mounted above the water line, a self priming unit is essential, such as the 300B-1-F26 Centrifugal above, or Rubber impeller type pumps

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