Oberdorfer Bronze Centrifugal Pump 24 GPM 1/2 115/230/1/60HP # 104M06-J19

Oberdorfer Bronze Centrifugal Pump 24 GPM 1/2 HP 104M-6 J19 (CC)
Item# OBE-PMP-104M-06 J19-K
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Oberdorfer end suction, single phase, 115/230 volts, close-coupled, all bronze, centrifugal , gravity flow (not self-priming), marine water pump with 416 stainless shaft and mechanical seal. Replaces Cruiser PM1500BX and Aqua-Air AQPM-15

Designed specifically for use as raw water recirculation pumps on marine air conditioners. These pumps are widely used by major manufacturers of marine A/C units as standard equipment on their new products.


Applications: Marine air conditioner coolant pumps, recirculation, live bait wells, marine fresh water systems, general liquid transfer. Construction: Casing, semi-open impeller and bracket are bronze. 416 stainless steel motor shaft. Single mechanical seal with carbon faces, Buna elastomers and 304 stainless steel metal parts. Comparability: Cruisair # PM1500BX *** Aqua-Air # AQPM-15 Mounting: Below water line Connections: 3/4" suction X 1/2"FNPT & 3/4"MNPT discharge and discharge Motor: Baldor 1/2 HP, 3450 RPM, Open drip proof, single phase, 115/230 volts, 60 Hz, with ball bearings front and back and built-in overload protection. Clockwise rotation, when facing back of motor. Maximum working temperature: 180 degrees Fahrenheit Carton dimension: 14" high, 12" wide, 18" long. Weight: 25 lbs

Pump Capacity Table
Model HP Total Dynamic Head (TDH)
5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 Shut-off
Gallons Per Minute (GPM)
104M-J19 1/2 23 21 19 18 16 14 11 8 6 51


Oberdorfer Centrifugal Replacement Pump (less motor)  24 GPM 1/2 HP # 104M-06 (BB)

Oberdorfer all bronze straight centrifugal and self priming pumps for marine air conditioning and refrigeration. motor not included (wet end only) Oberdorfer replacement centrifugal pump only (less motor) for # 104M-06 J26 ot J19.

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Repair Kit for Oberdorfer Centrifugal 1 Phase 104 Series Pump  10720 (AA)
Availability: ships the next business day

Questions & Answers

Is the Oberdorfer 104M-J19 Self Priming?
These centrifugal pumps are not self-priming. They must be installed below the liquid level so that the liquid flows to the pump by gravity (flooded suction). However, if a foot valve is used at the beginning of the suction line, and all air is bled from the pump by manual priming, the pump will lift on the suction side up to 15 feet.
What is the capacity required for marine air conditioning unit?
Based upon the total BTU output of the A/C unit. Most manufacturers select pump size (capacity) based upon the following: 4 GPM (or 240 GPH) for each 12,000 BTU ( 1 Ton A/C)
Can a restrict the discharge flow of the pump?
One centrifugal pump will often serve as the coolant pump for two, three or even four condenser units on the same boat. Restrictor valves may be used on centrifugal pumps to reduce flow to desired amount - without damage to the pump unit.
What is the mounting location of Oberdorfer non self priming pumps A/C pumps?
If pump is to be mounted below the water line and with a flooded suction port, a centrifugal pump is generally preferred. Centrifugal pumps are quiet running, require less amperage, and are less easily damaged by running dry than are rubber impeller type pumps. However, most centrifugal pumps do not have suction lift capability (must have flooded suction to function).
What is the mounting location of Oberdorfer self priming pumps A/C pumps?
If pump is to be mounted above the water line, a self priming unit is essential, such as the 300B-1-F26 Centrifugal above, or Rubber impeller type pumps

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