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Brady Plastic Spring Loaded Foot / Check Valve 1" # FV-100 (BB)

Item#: HVD-VLV-SFV-100
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Brady Plastic Spring Loaded Foot / Check Valve 1" # FV-100 (BB)
Reg. $33.67
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Brady combination plastic spring loaded foot / check valve 1" # FV-100 consist of a line check valve, along with a strainer. They are ideal for new systems, or as replacements in virtually any water delivery application.


Application: Used to prevent backflow and loss of prime in water well, irrigation, and sprinkler systems, and may be used in many other applications as long as the fluid being used is compatible with the valve materials. Construction: Made from Acetal resin plastic, they are lead free, non-corrosive, non-conductive, and will outlast and outperform many metal valves. NOTICE: Make sure arrow, on the body of the valve, points in the direction of flow. Use minimum pipe joint compound on threads. Do not exceed working pressure of 175 PSI. Use only with water. Not recommended for use in oil or gas systems. Unscrew the suction strainer to use as an in-line check valve. Check Valve Length: 3-1/8" Foot Valve Length: 5-3/8" Valve Diameter: 1-1/2" Weight: 0.2 lbs

Head Loss in PSI (Feet) For Brady Check / Foot Valves (Spring Loaded)
Pipe Size Gallons Per Minte (GPM)
5 10 15 20 25 30
1 1.5 (3.5') 2.5 (5.8') 4.0 (9,2') 5.5 (12.7') 7.5 (17.3') -

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