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WellMate Fiberglass 87 Gallon Bladder Tank WM25WB

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WellMate Fiberglass 87 Gallon Bladder Tank WM25WB  (B)
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Description WellMate Fiberglass Pre-charged 86.7 Gallon Bladder Tank WM25WB. Equivalent in drawdown to a 250 gallon galvanized atmospheric tank. Connection: 1-1/4" MNPT (Male pipe thread. Carton dimensions: 57" H X 28" W X 28" L, Weight: 75 lbs. Volume: 86.7 Gallons. Inner liner:Blow-molded polyethylene. Outer shell: Filament wound with fiberglass roving and epoxy resin. Bladder:Heavy-gauge polyurethane (Separates air and water). Bottom inlet/outlet assembly:High-impact PVC Air connection: Standard tire valve. Pre-charge:24 PSI as per DOT CFR Title 49. Pressure must be adjusted accordingly upon final product installation Recommended Precharge:4 PSI lower than pump cut-in pressure Maximum operating pressure: 100 PSI Maximum temperature: 120 degrees Fahrenheit Connection: 1-1/4" MNPT (Male pipe thread) Carton dimension: 57" H X 28" W X 28" L Weight: 75 lbs. Materials:All materials are NSF and FDA listed Warranty Period: Factory 5 years warranty period for potable water residential installations and 2 years for non-residential installations.Tank draw-down is the amount of water that can be removed from a tank, when it is full, before the tank pressure drops and the pump is turned on to refill the tank. A larger tank gives more draw-down which means that more water is available before the pump is needed.

• Pressure Tanks Technical
Wellmate Pressure Tank WM25WB
Drawdown In Gallons At Various Pressure Ranges
Tank Drawdown In Gallons Pressure Range (PSI)
29.50 20/40
26.0 30/50
22.50 40/60
19.94 50/70
18.21 60/80
14.74 80/100
13.00 100/120

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Questions & Answers

Drawdown refers to the amount of water that evacuates the tank before the pressure switch will activate the pump. Drawdown is a affected by the pump, the size of the tank and the pressure settings that govern your water system.
All WM WellMate tanks carry a five year limited factory warranty for potable water residential installations and 2 years for non-residential installations.
No, unfortunately there are number of factors that can contribute to a failed tank and the only factor that WellMate can insure is the tank.
The pressure switch communicates with the tank and the pump. The pressure switch monitors the pressure inside the tank and activates and de-activates the pump when cut-in and cut-out pressures are reached inside the tank.
Your tanks should be pressurized to 4 PSIG less than the cut-in pressure setting (for example, if your pressure settings are 30/50, then you cut-in pressure setting is 30 PSIG and your tank should have a 26 PSIG pre-charge).
To check the pressure in the air cell, the power supply to the well pump must be turned off and the water must be drained from the pressure tank.. With the pump turned off and the water drained from the pressure tank a standard tire gauge can be used on the valve stem at the top of the tank. The pressure in the air cell should be 4 psi lower than the pump cut-in pressure.

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