Blue Angel Self Priming Transfer Pump 1450 GPH 1/2 HP 115V # EC50K

Blue Angel Self Priming Transfer Pump  1450 GPH 1/2 HP 115V # EC50K (C)<br>

Self Priming 115 V Transfer Pump

No longer available. Blue Angel self priming transfer pump 1450 GPH 1/2 HP 115V # EC50K Kit. Pump boosts line pressure up to 40 PSI. Corrosion-resistant cast iron pump housing and motor construction. Removes water to 1/8" of surface when water suction strainer is connected. Portable and
lightweight transfer pump. Replacement for Wayne Pumps
model PC4 and PC4K.


Manufacturer: Blue Angel Pumps Model: EC50K Type Of Pump: Self Priming Utility Pump Applications: This portable transfer pump is designed for such applications as emptying water heaters, swimming pool covers, livestock tanks, boats, etc. It can also be used for intermittent water pressure boosting up to 40 PSI for washing cars, cleaning driveways, etc and adding propylene glycol anti-freeze to radiant heating lines. Suction Lift: Up to 15' Kit Includes: 1/2 HP Cast-Iron Transfer Pump, Suction Strainer, Carry and Storage Case, 3/4" Brass Hose Adapters Construction: Corrosion-resistant cast iron pump housing and motor for durability and thermoplastic impeller. Motor: 1/2 hp, 115V AC, 7.3 amps, 60 HZ, 7500 RPM, ball bearing motor Power Cord: 8' SJTW heavy-duty, with ground. Maximum fluid temperature: 120 F Dimensions: Height 7", Width 4 1/2", Length 9 3/4". Weight: 23.7 lbs. Warranty Period: 1 year

Pump Capacity Table At 0' Suction Lift
Model HP Total Dynamic Head (TDH) Shut-off
0' 20' 40' 60' 80' 100'
Gallons Per Hour(GPH)
EC50K 1/2 1500 1370 1200 1000 750 500 120'

The model EC50 is not intended for permanent installations or long, extended periods of continuous operation. For portable, temporary applications only. Easily accessible motor brushes are replaced in minutes with just a screwdriver. They require replacement every 100-200 hours of operation. Worn brushes are not covered under factory warranty. Cutting cord will void warranty. The use of a foot valve in the suction line is strongly recommended.


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