Protek 2" Hand Diaphragm Pumps 1 Gal/ Stroke HP-900

Protek 2" Hand Diaphragm Pumps, 1 Gal/ Stroke HP-900 (D)<br>
Item# PRO-ACC-HP900
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Protek 2" Hand Diaphragm Pumps, 1 Gal/ Stroke HP-900. They are often handier than an engine-driven unit for many small or intermittent pumping jobs. They will pump air or liquids - including water, diesel fuel, slurries, sewage and sludge. A high percentage of solids will pass through the pumps without clogging or damage. They pump anything that will pass through the hose. Used for handling many liquid fertilizers and chemicals

Hand Diaphragm Pumps
Model Connections Capacity Suction Lift Discharge Head Wt.
HP900 2" MNPT X FNPT 1 Gal/Stroke 20 Ft. Max. 10 Ft. Max. 23 lbs.


Applications: Wash down of the equipment; de-watering small excavations. transferring water, and other liquids; priming large centrifugal pumps; pumping out basements and sumps; bilge pumping from onboard or from dock. Construction: Cast aluminum body and fulcrum, steel tubing handle and molded rubber diaphragm and valve. Tips and Recommendations: For longer lasting diaphragms and valves, flush the pump with several gallons of water after each use, especially after jobs dealing with corrosive chemicals. Replace the diaphragms and valves that show signs of wear, cracking, or corrosion. Capacity: 1 gal/stroke. Solid Handling Capacity: Will pump anything that will pass through the hose. Connections: 2" Male NPT X Female NPT Suction Lift: 20 feet Discharge Head Up to 10 feet Weight: 23 lbs

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