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Protek Diaphragm Hand Primers

Protek Diaphragm Hand Primers

Protek Hand Primers

Protek hand primer pumps provide fast efficient priming of pump with high suction lift or extra long suction lines. They can be used in a wide range of installations such as fountains, swimming pools and irrigation systems. THE DIAPHRAGM PRIMER contains a rubber diaphragm working in an aluminum chamber. A levered handle attached to it by a connecting rod actuates the diaphragm. Air is drawn into the chamber through a suction valve on the up-stroke and discharged through a discharge valve on the down-stroke. The primer body is made of a light weight aluminum alloy. The diaphragm is of molded rubber, and it is extremely tough and long wearing. A rubber air discharge valve, built into the diaphragm, provides a positive seal. Always made in the USA

Strokes Required To Prime Through 25 Feet Of Suction Pipe
Model Connection
Suction Size Suction Lift In Inches of Mercury (Hg)
5" Hg 10" Hg 15" Hg
Strokes Required To Prime
DP-5 1/2" 4" 10 27 56
DP-7 1/2" 4" 8 15 32
6" 12 33 65
DP-9 3/4" 4" 4 9 20
6" 10 23 45
8" 17 37 77

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