Pacer Engine Driven Self Pump 25 GPM 1" # PAC25

Pacer Engine Driven Self Priming Pump 25 GPM 1" # PAC25  (C)

Pacer Pumps engine driven, self priming utility pump 25 GPM # PAC-PMP-PAC25, ideal for many everyday applications. Use it around the home for pool, spa, hot tub and pond maintenance. Irrigate the garden and pump out flooded basements and other areas. Plumbers and contractors will find it useful on the job site. It's compact size and light weight makes it easy to transport and store. NOT FOR SALE IN CALIFORNIA


Application:Pumping out pools, spas, hot tubs, water heaters, ponds, flooded basements and other flooded areas. This pump is intended for pumping water. Do not pump caustics or acids nor any other liquid except water. Construction: Aluminum pump parts with Buna N (nitrile) elastomers Check Valve: Built-in Inlet & outlet: 1" male NPT threads (2 each 1" hose adapters are included.. Engine:2 Stroke, 25cc, 2000rpm, manual recoil start, air cooled gas engine Fuel mixture: Mix unleaded gasoline and two cycle engine oil at a ratio of 40:1 Recommended Gasoline: Unleaded gasoline with a octane rating of 87 or higher Recommended Engine Oil: Anti-oxidization engine oil for two-stroke engine Mixture Ratio Volume: 40:1 (additional information) Fuel tank capacity: 24 oz Spark Plug Model: BM6A L7 RTC Self-suction Time:Approximately 60 seconds. To avoid damaging, do not run the engine for longer than 1 minute if no liquid is pumped. Run Time:Run time will vary with load and speed but 30 minutes / tank of fuel is a safe estimate. Maximum Vertical Suction Lift:16 feet Fitting Package Included: 2 wing buttons, 2 sealing washers. 2 Hose couplers, 1 suction strainer, 3 Hose clamps, 1 spark plug wrench, 1 screw driver Dimensions: 13" high, 13" long, 11" wide. Weight: 13 lbs.

Pump Placement: For best pump performance, place the pump near the water level, and use hoses which are no long than necessary in length. That will enable the pump to produce greatest output performance with the least self-priming time. As pumping height increases, pump output decreases. The length, type, and size of the suction hoses and discharge hoses can also significantly affect pump output. Minimizing suction head (placing the pump near the water level) is important for reducing self-priming time.

Capacity Pacer # PAC-25 In Gallons Per Minute at 0' Suction Lift
Model Engine PSI ( Feet) Shut-off
5 (12') 10 (23') 15 (35') 20 (46')
Gallons Per Minute (GPM)
PAC-25 25 CC 2 Stroke 25 23 18 6 33 PSI (76')

Note: Pump mechanical shaft seals are not warranted under any conditions


Discharge Hose 1" 25 Feet  Long  # P-58-2130-25 (C)

Light weight PVC discharge hose. Tough and economical, will not rot or mildew and coils flat for easy storage. PVC tube and cover reinforced with all synthetic fiber spiral wrapped construction; no fittings on each end; 170 degrees Fahrenheit; 65 PSI maximum pressure

List: $38.00
Value Priced $28.24
Availability: ships the next business day
Suction Hose 1" 10  Feet  Long With No Fittings  # P-58-2120-010 (C)

This 1" X 10 feet suction hose is lighter than conventional hoses, flexes 90 degrees without kinking. For water transfer applications. Cover and tube are constructed of green PVC compound, reinforced with rigid PVC helix. 130 degrees Fahrenheit maximum temperature; 70 PSI maximum pressure.

List: $24.00
Value Priced $18.02
Availability: ships the next business day

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