Pedrollo Auto Vortex Sump Pump 45 GPM 1/3 HP # TOPV-03A16A (C)

Pedrollo Auto  Vortex Sump Pump 45 GPM 1/3 HP # TOPV-03A16A (C)


No Longer Available. Pedrollo automatic vortex impeller, thermoplastic effluent sump pump 45 GPM 1/3 HP, 5 amps, 115 volts, 1 phase, 60 Hz with 30 ft. cord, continuous duty, oil-less, motor with capacitor and overload protection, model # TOPV-03A16S. Pumps up to 3/4" solids down to 1" from the bottom. Dimensions: 12.0" high, 6.0" wide. Wt: 11 lbs.


Applications: They are recommended for draining dirty water containing suspended solids up to 3/4" from small flooded areas, (rooms, cellars, garages) for the disposal of waste water in the home (dishwasher, washing machine) and emptying drainage traps. Construction: Manufactured with non-corrosive and rust proof materials. Technopolymer body, suction grid, impeller, stainless steel motor support and shaft. Double Seal: Mechanical seal ceramic-graphite, with oil barrier chamber (FDA approved oil) plus an inner lip seal to protect the seal in the event of dry running. Impeller type: Vortex Bearings: Upper and lower ball bearings Inlet: Easy to clean technopolymer suction grid. Outlet: Three installation choices provided. 1-1/4" male pipe thread connection molded on pump body, 1-1/4" female pipe connector, 1-1/4" insert hose connector. Submersion Depth: Up to 10 feet Emptying Level: Up to 1" from the bottom Solids: 3/4" Liquid Temperature: Up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit Electrical: Continuous duty, oil-less, class F insulation motor with capacitor and overload protection, 115 volts, 1 phase, 60 Hz, 1/3 HP, 5.0 amps, with 15 ft. cord. Dimensions: 12.0" high, 6.0" wide. Weight: 11 lbs.

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Pump Capacity Table TOPV-03A16S In Gallons Per Minute
Model HP Head In Feet Shut-off
5' 10' 15' 20' 25' 30'
Gallons Per Minutes (GPM)
TOPV-03A16S 1/3 45.0 32.0 21.0 7.0 - - 23'

Vortex Impeller Principle Of Operation The recessed vortex impeller spins in an area of the volute that is completely out of the liquid flow path. The spinning creates a vortex similar to that found in a toilet bowl when it is flushed or a tornado. Since the liquid does not pass through the impeller, the pump is ideal for handling liquids that contain solids.


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