Pool Cover Pumps

Pool Cover Pumps

The Rule 1800 H53SP-24 Swimming Pool Cover Pump is a centrifugal pump controlled by computer rather than float switch, checking for water every two and a half minutes. This pump turns on when water is one inch deep and brings the water level down to 1/2 of an inch before it turns off. A wide strainer base protects against clogging from leaves and debris. Freeze and jam protected, this pump shuts down before it is damaged. The Rule H53SP-24 works in both salt and fresh water and costs less to operate, using only 100 watts of power. The ¼ HP, 110 Volts, 1 Amps, UL motor is water cooled- and requires no oil lubrication. This pump features a stainless steel shaft and a nylon impeller. The Rule H53SP-24 pump delivers 1800 gallons per hour at zero feet of head. A 24-foot cord with three-prong plug, standard elbow, and garden hose adapter are included. Length 4.875”, Height 8.475”, Width 4.875”

Rule Pool Cover Pump Bulletin
Rule Pool Cover Pump Manual
Rule Pool Cover Pump Troubleshooting Guide
Rule Pool Cover Pump Safety Instructions

Questions & Answers

What is the warranty period for a Rule H53SP-24 pump replaced under the original 2 year warranty?
The replacement pumps are warranted only for the unexpired portion of the original 3 year warranty.
Will reducing the hose size of the Rule Pool Cover Pump, reduce the pumps output?
Yes, reductions in hose size will reduce output
Are check valves required on the discharge side of the Rule Pool Cover?
Check valves are not recommended
Does the Rule Pool Cover Pump have a break-in period?
Break in for 10 hours for maximum pumping
Can the Rule Pool Cover Pump be repaired?
Rule does not repair pumps - it is not cost efficient for the consumer
Are parts available for the Rule Pool Cover Pump?
Rule does not sell pump parts due to liability concerns.

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