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Rule Computerized Sump Pump, 24' Cord 1800 GPH, A53S-24

Item#: RUL-PMP-A53S-24
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Rule Computerized  Sump  Pump, 24' Cord 1800 GPH, A53S-24  (D)<br>
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Rule Pumps 1800 GPH Computerized Automatic Submersible Sump Water Pump # A53S-24 with 24' cord, senses the presence of water without external floats or switches to tangle, stick or fail. For draining basements, boats, ponds, sumps, etc. Submersible in fresh or salt water.


Pump material: Acetal plastic housing and strainer base. Glass-filled nylon impeller. Stainless steel shaft. Teflon shaft seal. Float Switch Style: None (Computer Controlled) Inlet: Screened for easy cleaning Outlet: 1-1/8" Hose connection ( Includes elbow with 1" FNPT pipe thread and a 3/4" garden hose adapter) Electrical: 115 volts, 1 phase, 60 Hz,, 1 amps,100 watts, 16/3 SJTW 24' power cord with 3-prong grounded plug. Maximum Liquid Temperature: 104 degrees Fahrenheit Solids Handling: 1/16" Automatic operation: Turns on at 1", off at 5/8" Dimensions: 7-3/4" high, 4-1/4" base diameter, 7" diameter at discharge elbow . Minimum Basin Diameter: 9" Weight: 8 lbs. Agency Listing: UL, cUL Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Capacity # A53S-24 In Gallons Per Hour And Gallons Per Minute
Model Head In Feet
0' 5' 10'
Gallons Per Hour (Gallons Per Minute)
# A53S-24 1800 GPH (30 GPM) 1250 GPH (21 GPM) 700 GPH (12 GPM)

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Questions & Answers

The Rule computerized water pumps turn on and checks for water approximately every 2-1/2 minutes. During this "check", the pump runs for about one second and checks for resistance or drag against the impeller. If resistance (water) is found, it will run for as long as water is present. When all the water is pumped out, the pump shuts off and returns to its 2-1/2 minute test cycle. The pump can be started at any time by disconnecting it from the power source, waiting 5 seconds and reconnecting the power.
Disconnect the pump from power source . Remove blue strainer base by squeezing the two clips that attach it to the pump. Make sure all debris is removed from the area around the impeller. The impeller should be able to spin freely with slight pressure. Try testing the pump without the hose attached. Any debris stuck in the hose should be removed. Make sure there are no loops in the hose. The hose should run out of the pool and continuously down to the drain area. Any loops or dips in the hose can trap water and may create airlocks. Remember, the pump cycles every two and a half minutes searching for water. To reset the pump, un plug the cord, wait a few seconds and then plug the cord in again. Test the pump in a few inches of water without the hose or the base plate attached. If the pump works it indicates that the pump had a blockage or air lock in the hose or in the base plate area around the impeller. A break-in period of 10 hours is required to achieve maximum pumping capacity

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