Sprinkler Pumps

Sprinkler Pumps

Sprinkler pumps from Berkeley, Flint & Walling, Goulds and Myers Quick-Prime self priming centrifugal water pumps from 1-1/2 HP to 5 HP. Sprinkler Pumps are used for many purposes, both in the residential and commercial markets. Their main use is for irrigating cropped fields, grassed areas, and gardens. Irrigation has been going on for centuries in one form or another, but sprinkler pumps now make the process much easier. There are many different styles of sprinkler pump available. When the irrigating area is small then small water pumps, like the Myers, Gould and Flint and Walling can do the job. For commercial or a larger areas then larger pumps are needed, such as the Berkeley self priming and straight centrifugal pumps.

Berkeley / StaRite Sprinkler & Irrigation Pumps

Berkeley / StaRite cast iron, self priming, high head sprinkler & irrigation water pumps 3 HP & 5 HP. Used as a residential irrigation pump; for dewatering excavations & water transfer by contractors & in industrial liquid transfer & supply operations.

Berkeley Type B End Suction Close Coupled Centrifugal Pumps

Berkeley Type B end suction centrifugal pumps for applications requiring high performance, easy maintenance and moderate initial cost in OEM, Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural markets.

Flint & Walling F & W Self Priming Sprinkler And Irrigation  Pumps

Flint And Walling (F & W) Self Priming Sprinkler And Irrigation Pump Water Pumps 1-1/2 HP, 2 HP and 3 HP with bronze impellers. Features include high capacity, cast iron body and mounting ring for long life, bronze impellers, Flint & Walling's Service Plus NEMA J, capacitor start, double ball bearing motors for continuous operation and rapid self-priming characteristics under maximum suction conditions.

Goulds Water Technology GT Series Pumps

Goulds Water Technology Irri-Gator Self Priming Sprinkler and Irrigation Centrifugal Pumps are specifically designed for lawn sprinkling, irrigation, air conditioning systems, heat pumps, water transfer and dewatering.

Myers QP Self Priming Centrifugal Pumps

Myers Quick Prime 1-1/2 HP, 2 HP and 3 HP single and three phase self priming sprinkler and irrigation water pumps pumps deliver strong dependable performance for the most demanding jobs. They are designed for demanding jobs where a lot of water is required over a long period of time. They are used for lawn and garden sprinkling, irrigation, car washing or other big cleaning and maintenance jobs, its built for one purpose only continuous high performance serve. Not for use with corrosive chemicals or flammable liquids.

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