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Aqua-Boost Variable Speed Constant Pressure System

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Aqua-Boost Variable Speed Constant Pressure System (C)
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Aqua Boost variable speed , constant presure system. Provides an economical answer for municipal district customers with low water pressure. Both domestic and light commercial applications can benefit. As water use increases, the Aqua Boost changes pump speed to keep line pressure constant. Large supply tanks are eliminated. Kit includes a HSC20B Goulds Water Technology Pump, 2AB2 AquaBoost controller, a 2 gallon pressure tank, a pressure transducer, a pressure gauge and 1/2 pressure relief valve.

Components are not assembled as a unit on a base (base not included)
Requires professional installation.


Input Power: 208-230V 15%, single phase (controller only) Output Power: Up to 230V three phase (based on input voltage). Motor rated for: 208-230V, 10%. Maximum Output Current: 6.9 amps, 2AB2 (2 HP) Input Controls: Up and down buttons to set pressure. Signal Lights: Power on, pump running, inverter stopped, pump stopped, standby, faults/errors. Electrical Efficiency: Over 95% at full load Protection Against: Short circuit, under voltage, overload, motor temperature, dead heading, run out, suction loss, sensor fault, bound pump, over voltage, static discharge. Suction Loss/Run Out Setting: Set for minimum 10 psi at discharge! Ambient Temperature: 34 F to 104 F Maximum Humidity : 95% at 104 F, non-condensing Air Pollution: Avoid mounting in areas with excessive dust, acids, corrosives and salts. Approvals : Controller Enclosure Outdoor, NEMA 3R, IP 43 (Rain-tight) Mounting : Wall mount with mounting hardware. Cooling : Convection with cast aluminum heat sink. 3 HP, 5 HP with temp. fan. Transducer: 0.5 - 4.5 VDC with 5 VDC power supply, 100 psi range, 80-inch 3-wire shielded cable. Input Wire: 5 feet of 14, 10 or 8 gauge cable. Depending on size, cable is pre-wired to controller and motor conduit box. Output Wire: 10 feet of 14 gauge cable. Cable is not prewired to controller and pump motor Pressure Range: Field adjustable from 20 - 80 psi, total system pressure. DO NOT SET REQUIRED SYSTEM PRESSURE ABOVE 80 PSI. SEVERE DAMAGE TO PLUMBING COULD RESULT. PLUMB RELIEF VALVE OUTSIDE TO DRAIN.

Pressure Boost in PSI with 0 PSI Suction Pressure
Model HP Discharge Pressure Boost (PSI)
50 55 60 65 70 75 80 * 85
2AB2HSC20B 2 38.0 35.0 32.0 30.0 27.0 22.0 20.0 15.0

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