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Flojet Pumps Chemical Resistance and Material Selection

The chemical resistance and material selection information is based on FLOJET laboratory tests, field testing programs and general data from industry source. It should be used only as a guide in the selection of pump materials. Suitability for the applicant should be determined by actual use and is the full responsibility of the customer. No warranty, expressed or implied, can be extended by FLOJET where failure is caused by chemical attack on pump materials. Temperature, aeration, concentration, and other factors may change the effect of the specific fluid on the pump materials. Data shown is based on the results at ambient temperatures, unless otherwise noted

  • The polypropylenepump housing material is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and is generally suitable for most of the agricultural applicants.
  • Five elastomer materials are available (all suitable for pumping water):
    • EPDM:Resistance to a wide range of chemicals for general purpose use.
    • Santoprene: EPDM and Santoprene have similar chemical characteristics. Where data is not shown for Santoprene, the data for EPDM may be used as a guide.
    • Buna N: Generally suitable for oils, oil based liquids and oil emulsions.
    • Geolast: suitable for light fraction hydrocarbons and solvents. Buna and Geolast have similar chemical characteristics. Where data is not shown for Geolast, the data for Buna may be used as a guide.
    • Viton: Generally resistant to many acids and some solvents, has good high temperature properties up to 180 F (82 C) but poor low temperatures performance below 50 F (10 C).
  • In the pump description the elastomers are shown as Diaphragm / Check Valve materials. For example, a model 2100-907 12 Volt, B/V, 108 GPM has a Buna diaphragm and Viton check valves.
NOTE:When handling corrosive chemicals, it is always advisable to flush the pump with water after each use and especially when it will remain idle for an extended period.
Flojet Agricultural Products Chemical Resistance Test Data
AG Chemical Name Santoprene Viton Buna
Diazinon B A C
Chickweed Killer A A A
Trios Veg Killer C B C
Round-Up Conc A A A
Sevin A A A
Malathion A B C
Spectracide A A A
Ortho Weed-B-Gon A A A
Ortho Weed & Grass Killer A A A
Home Orchard Sray A A B
Lasso MT A A A
Round-Up Super Conc. Grass & Weed Killer A A A
Wipe-Out Weed Killer A A A
Lasso EC A B C
Ortho Malathion 50P A B C
Super K-Gro (Dursban) C A C
Ortho Liquid Sevin A A A
2-4-D Amine 4 A A A
Dursban 2E C A C
Dow Elanco 2-4-D Bee B A C
Lorsban 4E B A C
Dursban 50W A A A
  • A - No significant effect
  • B - Moderate effect, generally satisfactory
  • C - Major effect, not satisfactory

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