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Flexible Pump Connectors Installation Guidelines

Before Installation

Check the interior, exterior and flange faces of the flexible connector for cuts or gouges. Care must be used when pushing the sphere into the breech between the mating flanges so as not to roll the leading edge of the sphere out of its flange groove.Do not bolt directly to another component with an elastomer face or to a specialty flange such as the Vitraulic type without inserting a solid full face insert ring.

Tighten the Bolts

Cross tighten the bolts. Under no circumstance are flange bolts to be used to stretch the sphere into contact with a mating flange. Minimum recommended flange bolt torque for the following joint sizes is: 1" to 2" - 45 ft-lb, 2-1/2" to 8" - 60 ft-lb, 10"- to 20" - 80 ft-lb.

Do not over tighten to the point where there is metal; to metal contact between the sphere's flange and the mating flange. Note: Rubber tends to relax after initial tightening. It is necessary to keep the sphere un-pressurized and to retighten the flange bolts 24 hours after installation to the recommended torque. The sphere may only then be pressurized to its fully rated capability.

Bolt Direction

If bolt threads are facing the sphere, trim the length of the bolts so they do not extend past the nut more than 1/8" to avoid contact with the sphere. These sphere's are designed for use with pipe and fittings fabricated to steel pipe dimensions.

Control Rods

For piping systems that are not anchored, control rods must be used. Control rods are always recommended as a safety precaution (even when system is properly anchored and guided)

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