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Liberty Pumps Polyethylene 41 Gallon Basins and Covers Only

Liberty Pumps Polyethylene 41 Gallon Sewage  Basins and Covers

Liberty Pumps 41 gallons shallow 21" X 30" and 24" x 24" polyethylene basins and covers are perfect for bedrock and difficult soil conditions. The basin large capacity offers longer pump cycles for extended pump life. Now available "alarm-ready" with pre-mounted alarm floats. The Liberty Pumps basins allow for easy inspection and replacement of the pump and/or alarm float without disconnecting plumbing or removing the pump itself. Floats can be mounted on a stainless steel rod (tree) and suspended in the system by means of a holder built into the main cover. Access to the floats is easily accomplished by a secondary "access" cover. To protect the system during rough-in and masonry work, the new basins are shipped with a clear disposable construction cover. This recyclable cover is simply snapped in place and can be easily removed when the system is ready for finish plumbing.

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