Protek Diaphragm Pumps

Protek Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm Primers contain a rubber diaphragm with a built-in rubber discharge valve, in a light weight aluminum alloy chamber. A levered handle attached to the chamber by a connecting rod actuates the diaphragm. Air is drawn into the chamber through a suction valve on the up-stroke and discharged through a discharge valve on the down-stroke Hand Diaphragm Pumps are a rugged, dependable pumps that go anywhere to any job and can pump anything that will flow through the flanges. They can be used as portable utility pumps or permanently installed to perform a specific task. Motorized Diaphragm Pumpswill pump air, water, brine, mud, sewage, petroleum products, and many chemicals. Motorized Pumps are great for things such as washing down equipment, de-watering small excavations, transferring fuel and water, and more.

Protek  Hand Primers

Protek hand primer pumps for pump installations with high suction lift or extra long suction lines. They can be used in a wide range of installations such as fountains, swimming pools and irrigation systems. They can be portable or permanently attached. Models DP-5, DP-7, DP-9

Protek Hand Diaphragm Pumps HP-700 And HP-900

Protek Hand Diaphragm Pumps HP-700 And HP-900. Hand Diaphragm Pumps deliver 30 to 40 gpm. They can be used as portable utility pumps or mounted permanently. They will pump air or liquids - including water, slurries, sewage and sludge. A high percentage of solids will pass through the pumps without clogging or damage.

Protek Motorized  Hand Diaphragm  Pump Model HP700E & HP700G

Extremely compact, portable and rugged, motorized self priming, diaphragm pumps. They can run dry without damage to pump seal. Will pass whatever solids can pass through the suction and discharges hoses.

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